Petition to Abolish the H-1B Visa Program

Who We Are, And Contact Information

Petition Contact
The official email contact for the H-1B Petition. Email if you have any questions about the site.

Official Sponsors
Programmers' Guild
An association of computer programmers dedicated to their mutual aid, and to the maintenance of professional standards and general furtherance of their field.
The American Engineering Association
A association that promotes American leadership in engineering, science, and related fields by endorsing stabilized and rewarding employment conditions for its practitioners.

Petition Creators

The Petition was put together by the combined efforts of about four people. Many viewers will be surprised by the information found on the Fact Sheet of this site, but such information and more was already well known to us before we put this Petition together.

We are conducting this petition entirely by hardcopy because we believe there is something to the act of signing a statement, and a sense of presense inherent in papers being physically delivered to the Capitol, that is not captured by electronic transmission. Our work is a "Petition for Redress of Grievances" in the spirit and language of the First Amendment.

The signed Petitions are being gathered in an office near Washington, where they will be presented to Congress. We will not allow the voice of our Petition or its signers to go unheard.