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Josefina Aldereguia
U.S. Citizen
Starkville, Mississippi
Augustus K. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Sunnyvale, California
Brian Bissett
Electrical Engineer
Waterford, Connecticut
Joaquin Bonilla
Project Engineer
Starkville, Mississippi
Brendan C. Boyd
Software Engineer
Euless, Texas
Carolyn Boyd
El Paso, Texas
Susan M. Casamento
Registered Dietician
Boca Raton, FL
Paul Claudio
Jacksonville, FL
Larry Conrad
Senior Principal Engineer
Plano, TX
Douglas Daley
DSP Enigneer
Kirkland, Washington
Shelly Delph
Warren, Michigan
Robert Edwards
Oswego, New York 
Joel Gill
Airline Customer Service
Chandler, Arizona
Norman L. Ginther
Software Engineer
Phoenix, AZ
Joseph R. Guzzardi
Teacher / Journalist
Lodi, California
Sue Hokana
Mike Hanoka
President of Desert Systems Inc.
Tucson, Arizona
Don Harlor
56 Year Old Unemployed Technical Worker
Santa Cruz, California
Jon Jasiunas
Software Design Engineer
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Bill Kennedy
Software Developer
Redwood City, California
Dannette Klinger
Internet Website Business Owner
Boca Raton, FL
Westley Klinger
Internet Website Business Owner
Boca Raton, FL
Vince Krog
RF-ASIC engineer
Tustin, California
Dale Lewis
Vice President of Tech Operations
Plainfield, Illinois
David Main
Engineering Consultant
Boulder Creek, California
James G. McDonald, Esq.
Patent Attorney
Arlington, Virginia
Alan Messner
Mathematics Instructor
Las Vegas, NV
Judy Messner
Las Vegas, NV
John Miano
Chairman, The Programmer's Guild
Summit, New Jersey
Betty Miguel
DVM, Ph.D.
Starkville, Mississippi
Scot S. Morgan
Software Engineer
Salt Lake City, Utah
Susan Morgan
Technical Writer
Salt Lake City, Utah
Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D.
Dallas, Texas
Brett Neumeier
President, Hastur Consulting Services, Inc.
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Terry Oldberg, M.S.E., M.S.E.E., P.E.
Los Altos Hills, California 
Joseph Panico
Vice President of Engineering
Hoboken, New Jersey
Vic Pavlick
Software Developer
Hewitt, New Jersey
Bill Reed
President, American Engineering Association
Fort Worth, Texas
Dana Rothrock
unemployed programmer with 26 years experience
Porter, Texas (Houston)
Lawrence D. Rupp
New London, New Hampshire 
Robert Sanchez
Founder, "H-1B Hall of Shame"
Chandler, Arizona
Damon Scott
Director, Petition to Abolish the H-1B
Rochester, New York
Dennis Shanley
Consultant / Chief Scientist
Cottage Industries, Ltd.
Heath Smith
Software Developer
Brighton, Michigan
Dwight M. Walsh, Ph.D.
Unemployed scientist/programmer
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Geoffrey K. Wascher
Senior programmer/analyst
Utica, Michigan
Paul W. Youket
Towson, Maryland