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  • Accountants and Administrators

  • Executives, Managers, Administrators

  • Software programmers and computer scientists

  • All engineers and Technicians

  • Research Associates, Instructors, Scientists

  • Lawyers, business and tax analysts 

  • Teachers and college professors

  • Postdocs and Fellows

  • Sports Instructors and Physiologists

  • Doctors, Nurses, Med-Techs, Therapists, Pharmacists

  • Therapists and Surgical Assistants

  • Fashion models, Secretaries, Clerks

  • Architects, Musicians, Artists, multi-media

  • Youth Counselors, day care, and cashiers

  • The List Goes ON and ON and ON and ON ........................................

 There are two ways to destroy the jobs of United States Citizens. NAFTA is used to ship jobs to other countries and allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the United States. H-1B is used to import foreign indentured workers here to take  jobs that American employers claim can't be filled in the "tight American labor market". 

Your professional career is being undermined by our own government and rich corporate lobbyists.

H-1B, one of many temporary worker Visa bills, allows American companies to hire foreign temps to replace YOU. As if  that wasn't bad enough, 115,000 more of these temps are allowed into our country every year. More than 650,000 H-1B visas will have been granted by September, 2000.

American business wants to lower your salaries, benefits, and job security. H-1B is the tool they are using.

H-1B was bought and paid for by Corporate America. They "donated" to our politicians' campaign funds and now they are reaping the benefits of H-1B. They have the best government money can buy.

Get the facts on H-1B and other immigrant based work visas at this web site.

Surf this web site to get the facts on labor based temporary work visas. Listed below are some of the jobs that H-1B visas are being issued for. 



Have you ever wondered if your company is hiring H-1Bs? Check out the

Industry Standard Article on the H-1B Hall of Shame

Sign the Petition to Abolish H-1B

Tell Congress - 



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