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H-1B Horror Stories

If you send a letter that describes your horrible experience with H-1B it will be posted here. There are many people, H-1Bs included, that have had bad experiences. Tell your horror story here.



New2.gif (2109 bytes)I would like to introduce myself as Vamsi Krishna, and I came new to this country, after a gap of a year, through H1B visa (high-tech workers visa). I hold a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a masters degree from a reputed school in the US in Industrial Engineering. I returned to India (my native country) and again came back through a consulting firm managed by Indians. Last time when I was in the US, I worked for reputed companies in the US. And this time when I came to the US again, I came through this company. These so called consulting companies, are nothing but placement agencies. They place people in temporary/contract positions in various companies here and bill their clients heavily but pay very little in return to the contractor. Also, they exploit them in many many other ways. In this regard, I would like to bring your attention to the ways these so called consulting companies managed by my own country men operate.

These companies sponsor H1b visas for people in India and bring them as Hi-Tech workers and place them on a contract basis in companies here with false profiles of people. The big companies which agree to put these people in temporary/contract positions will not have so much of time/resources to go through each and every detail of their hires. This feature is extracted by the contracting companies and in this process cause enormous harm to the gullible people who came new to this country with some promising future. And the quality of people who are coming is decreasing by day by day. With false documents, people with no good degrees or basic computer knowledge are getting H1B visas with forfeited documents.

I would like to highlight now some of my own experiences with my employer.

I am not sure how much it is true whether employment contracts are actually legal beyond certain point. My employer made me sign an employment contract after luring that it is just an eyewash to impress their immigration counsels and it does not come in any way. But now, he always threatens me that if I leave the company I'll be subjected to the dire consequences of the breach of contract. With this reason he is paying me extremely low salary and treats me horrible whenever I call him for some expenses reimbursement or some immigration query.

In  the employment contract there are many things pertaining to terminations which are very much biased towards the benefit of employer. Here are some of the following: 

1. Employee if he leaves the job within one year should pay for all the moving expenses, relocation allowance to the company up to a minimum of $10000.

2. Employee after termination and after two years from termination cannot join any related jobs. He cannot join the end client. He cannot join any of the clients of the employer for two years after termination. If he does he should pay 50% of the projected annual billing.

3. Employee cannot start any company of his own within 150 miles radius of the employer for two years after termination. 

My employer also takes to unethical ways to get projects from us.

1. He modified my resume against my wish to increase my chances of getting selected in the interviews.

2. He did not pay me full salary but was paying only $1000 per month till I got my client. though this was not mentioned any where in the agreement.

3. He sometimes threatens me that if my project is over and I come back and stay without project, he is going to pay me again only $ 1000 per month till I get another project.

4. He said there will be training as soon as I join, but nothing of that sort was available.

5. Initially we were all kept in a "GuestHouse" - that's a three bedroom apartment and 12 people are to share!!!!

6. Whenever I request my employer for a hike, he says that they have already invested $10000 ( which is a crazy figure) in filing our papers and hence he could not give any more hike until he makes that money from me. He would have already made a lot by now taking into view that he charges $100/hour of my services to my client and pays me only $25/hour which is very low for a man of my qualifications and experience.

7. And they don't even organize the arrival of new people properly. Once it so happened that they assigned a guest house number to one new employee who was coming to the US for the first time and there was no one to pick him up (they were supposed to send one). He somehow managed to reach the place only to find that the guest house is locked. He had nowhere to go and he literally slept the whole night at the doorstep in the cold only to be seen the next day by neighbors. And when he informed this to his employer, they kind of made it as a joke.

8. In another instance, an employer is trying his level best to get his family (wife and a small kid) here. But the employer is not at all showing any interest in making the papers ready. He is supposed to do that as promised by him in India.

Now when I want to leave the company, he is threatening me with dire consequences based upon the contract points of termination mentioned earlier.

I would like to bring all this to the notice of your esteemed newspaper. I have been an ardent reader of your paper and would appreciate if you can bring this to the notice of whoever concerned and particularly to the people of the US.

Vamsi Krishna, USA

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New2.gif (2109 bytes)"My" horror story is really my brother's. He's a civil engineer who lives in Texas. Until a year and a half ago, he worked for a major corporation there, then was laid off. He's still out of work.

I was checking your database and was surprised to see that for civil engineers alone (not mechanical, electrical, etc.) and in TEXAS alone, there were almost 600 H1-Bs! A glance at the salary information shows that many were apparently entry-level ($35000-50,000), or at least were being paid that way.

I doubt that these companies have been or will be trying that hard to find American workers--which galls me, because my brother will probably have to leave the field to find a decent job.

Dr. Malex

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Brigham Young University and H-1Bs

Hey! I was searching your database and decided to check out some colleges and other places of interest. I decided to try Brigham Young University to see how many H-1Bs they had requested. WOW! What a gold mine of information! Who would have thought one university could hire so many imported workers!

After looking over the unbelievable numbers of H-1B LCA requests, I didn't count them but there could be well over a hundred and maybe two hundred, I decided to e-mail the president of the university to find out what kind of jobs these imported workers had. Who knows maybe I might be able to fulfill one of the jobs they have declared to be have a "shortage of US workers" in order to apply for these cheap imported workers. Do you know that the president of the Brigham Young University has never responded to me? After waiting for over a month I think this LDS university president has simply snubbed me.

If they are so desperate for workers how come they won't tell me, an American and a member of the Mormon church and alumna which jobs these imported workers filled at the Y?

I wonder if U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R. Utah) who co-sponsored the most recent H-1B legislation to increase the H-1B visa caps to record numbers knows that this employer  (Brigham Young University) won't tell the public what kind of workers they need. I wonder if Senator Hatch knows but simply doesn't care.

Senator Hatch voted for NAFTA in 1993 knowing that the vast majority of Utahans were against NAFTA but that didn't sway his vote the way of his employers i.e. the Utah taxpayers/voters. Senator Hatch publicly declared and even sent members of his staff to speak throughout Utah in the Fall of 1993 that the Senator KNEW that NAFTA would destroy 89% of the USA textile industry and send thousands of employed Americans into unemployment. Senator Hatch voted in favor of NAFTA in 1993 and in FAVOR of destroying viable US textile industry and in FAVOR of destroying the jobs of gainfully employed Americans. The southern states sure took an economic blow when these plants folded. I wonder what he knows about job destruction via the H-1B program but simply doesn't care. I mean right in his own backyard WordPerfect (Orem, Utah) which once employed some 4,000 technical professionals and had 11 buildings simply folded its doors in Utah a mere four years after NAFTA took effect. Other technical companies in Utah have been hit hard with high tech lay offs like NOVELL (Provo, Utah ) and IOMEGA (Salt Lake City area, Utah).

Makes one wonder about the agenda of such a Senator doesn't it? [It is my understand that Senator Hatch is up for re-election in 2002. Maybe unemployment should be in his future as he has been so willing to give it to his fellow Americans.]

Thank you for posting this information so that the public can access this vital information. Now we know the rest of the story as to where our jobs have gone.

A graduate of the Y and unemployed.

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Horror Story from Tulsa

I'm providing this information from Tulsa but need your cooperation in not using either my name or Email in any posting on your site. I already have one friend who's been told he's "black-balled" from holding further IT positions in this area due to his media publications re: local H-1B abuses. As I said, please, please do not use my name & email in any posting - I still need to work!

Our local area is a heavy, heavy user of H-1B's. These individuals are locally in positions ranging from banking to I/T. The net result is that our local economy is quickly returning to 1970's era wages.

Example #1 - My daughter is a VP with an area bank. She has had multiple promotions over the years, is in charge of a large number of individuals, etc. The bank for whom she is employed utilizes large numbers of H-1B's. My daughters current salary as a VP - $42,000 / ann.

Example #2 - A local, large Oil & Gas co. has hundreds of H-1B's on I/T projects. This week, I had two separate, unrelated recruiters tell me that they no longer even bother to send a Caucasian to interview on many of that particular company's projects. The stated reason was that many of the projects are not only staffed by Indians but have Indians as the hiring managers. Past experience by these two recruiters has shown that, should they send a Caucasian, Hispanic, or black to interview on any of those projects, the employer goes thru the motions but never hires them. On the other side of the coin, those two same individuals are seeing other contract agents send Indians to those same projects. They are hired the same day regardless of whether they are entry level or experienced individuals. These same two recruiters echoed the same information regarding income levels. The Indians on these projects are billed at around $42K / ann.; the individuals themselves receive approx. $32K / ann. Should any of these individuals complain, they are sent back to India via Canada. Should they wish to change employers, they are told that they must first repay thousands of dollars in "Visa & relocation costs" to their current employer. Net result - indentured servitude!

Example #3 - An associate of mine recently went back to work after having been out of work for in excess of 4 months. That individual is a seasoned I/T professional, over 50 in age, experienced in Oracle DB, Oracle Developer 2000, Unix, etc. At the same time he was struggling to regain employment, numerous H-1B's were regularly being hired on a weekly basis. At this time, he is on a temporary assignment of unknown duration. Note that this was the second time this has happened to him within a year. The first unemployment bout earlier in the year resulted in some 2 months of unemployment following the completion of a short term contract. This individual is neither a poor performer nor lacking in skill depth. On the contrary, he is held in high esteem by his professional peers, has current, marketable skills, & has superior interpersonal skills.

Example #4 - I myself completed a contract two months ago. I have been unemployed since that time. I am a seasoned Oracle Developer & DBA, am fluent in Unix, VB, etc. I am also 50 years old. My skills are current & marketable, my interpersonal skills highly rated by my peers, etc. I have had no interviews during this period of time despite the fact that I have four contracting agents working on my behalf. I spoke with an individual yesterday who may have a contract-for-hire position for an experienced oracle developer coming open at the end of the year. The maximum rate he will be allowed to pay - $45K / ann. One of my agents placed an individual yesterday in a mid-sized company where the individual will function as a developer / asst. DBA. This is an individual with over five years good Oracle experience & is a professionally respected individual. Her pay on this new position - $43K / ann.

Our metroplex is one of somewhat over 200,000 people taking in not only Tulsa, but the surrounding suburbs. Certainly we're not a mega-city but we're likewise not a back-woods hole-in-the-wall. Two years ago, many of our local I/T professionals were known to be making between $85K / ann. To $120K / ann. One of them was myself having received $58 /hr. until two months ago when the contract completed. Now there are essentially no jobs for us "Anglo" I/T types. I have no doubt that I'll eventually regain employment in the I/T sector; at what rate remains to be seen. If H-1B has not hurt this metroplex, I'd hate to see something that does !

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10/16/2000 (updated 11/21)

H1-B -- “The Dark Side”

I have put this article together for the information of the public. I hope it will serve the purpose of being an “eye-opener”. The booming software manpower trade has spawned numerous companies, some of whom cheat gullible job seekers. I burnt my fingers working for one such company called Computech Corporation. The incidents narrated below, happen in every seven out of ten Indian owned software-consulting firms. These “issues”, are what consultants and employers do not want to talk about.

Reading Computech’s profile on it’s website at sends chills up my spine. I must say that these chaps are nothing but a bunch of scoundrels feathering their own nests at the expense of Indian consultants. For folks who do not know what I am talking about, I will shed some light by summarizing the modus operandi of Computech. However, before I get into the details, I would like to inform the reader that due to the malpractices of this company, I not only lost my H1-B status to work in the U.S., but was also forfeited four months wages.

There are numerous Indian owned companies like Computech both in India and the U.S. These companies serve as "body-shoppers" or as "middle-men" to U.S. firms. Computech has branches in the U.S, Canada, as well as in India. Computech also had a recent tie-up with another company called Eplanets ( that is into the same racketeering business I am about to explain. Computech is the parent company of Comp-U-Learn (, a vocational computer training school. In short, Computech, Comp-U-Learn and Eplanets are three companies managed and owned by the same group of Indian people.

Computech recruits its software consultants on H1-B visas from Canada, Australia, India, and the U.S. to meet its requirements. Management staffs, i.e. people who handle the daily operations of the company, are hired either from Canada or India. Hiring only Indians provided an easy way to save a quick buck and bring in cheap labor through America's back door. Some of the staff at Comp-U-Learn were paid 10-20% less, than the salary quoted on their employment agreement. You see the salary mentioned on their I-129 (H) and LCA (Labor Condition Application) documents, was just a convenient way for Computech to show the INS that it was keeping up with the salary wage norms set by the U.S.D.O.L. A company can pay a person more than what is specified on the I-129 (H) and LCA document, but never less! However, since most of the staff at Comp-U-Learn were having their green cards processed, nobody wanted to be a "Whistle Blower" regarding their wages.

Computech demands it's consultants in India who are willing to work in the U.S. to pay a lump sum of money somewhere in the neighborhood of Rs.200000 which works out to be $4500 per head, approximately. Conveniently, this amount is not mentioned on the employment agreement. The $4500, so Computech says, covers a guaranteed H1-B sponsorship and client placement. Consultants brought to the U.S., however face a different story. They are made to live below human standards. They are housed as five to six people per apartment. Computech pays each consultant only $500/month, saying that “until the consultant is placed with a client, they will not receive full salary as mentioned on their employment agreement”. The $500/month salary is also given to consultants who are between projects.

The point here is that Computech, apart from breaking the law, never mentions this to the consultant prior to their hiring in India. Well I guess if they did, then you would have to be a fool to sign up with such a company. There had been consultants sitting on the "bench" for up to a year earning only $500/month prior to my joining the company. Consultants were also regularly shuffled between Detroit and Chicago to avoid arousing the suspicion of the INS. It was as if they were running a concentration camp.

Since I was hired on U.S. soil on a practical training F1 visa, I did not have to pay the $4500. However, although my employment agreement stated that I would be paid $50000/year, I was paid a total of $1000 for my entire tenure of four months. For those unaware of the current immigration law, it is unlawful to employ a H1-B alien and not pay his/her wages as specified in the employment agreement, immaterial of whether the alien is assigned, unassigned or undergoing technical training. If the company does this, it will result in the alien losing his/her legal status to work in the U.S. and should be returned to his/her country of origin.

This law came into effect on October 1998 and can be verified at the U.S.D.O.L's website at:

In layman terms, the law states that: "Employers must pay H-1B nonimmigrant the required wage for the full hours specified on the H-1B visa petition even if the beneficiary is in nonproductive status due to a decision by the employer, or based on the nonimmigrant lack of a permit or license. In other words, full-time employees must be paid full-time wages, and part-time employees must be paid for the minimum hours stated on the petition. This provision does not apply for nonproductive time due to non-work-related factors, such as voluntary absence or circumstances rendering the individual unable to work." [1]

[1] Copyright:

If this law was not true, Computech would not have moved a bulk of it's consultants to Canada in mid 1999 fearing a raid by the INS. Cowards! They had 100 consultants sitting on the "bench" on a salary of $500/month during that period. Computech apart from not paying my wages, also asked me to refund the money they had spent to sponsor my H1-B visa. Please keep in mind that by law, a company cannot ask its employee to refund the money it spent on your H1-B visa paperwork.

"Recent legislation has imposed an employer-paid fee of $500, in addition to the current filing fee of $110, for each H-1B petition filed. The fee is not required of colleges, universities, or non-profit research organizations. These funds are targeted primarily to train U.S. workers. Employers may not require an H-1B employee-beneficiary to reimburse or otherwise compensate the employer for the cost of this fee, or they will be subject to a $1,000 fine per violation." [2]

[2] Copyright:

U.S. companies are unaware that, 90% of Computech's recruits have not had a single day's work; of the experience they quote on their resumes. It is all a sham! Computech encourages its employees to "boost" the experience on their resume. The material to enhance your resume, i.e. projects done, roles played etc., is provided from the resumes of either senior or ex-consultants of the company. At the time of joining Computech, I had a year of experience as a programmer. By the time I quit, Computech was marketing me (without my consent) with four years of experience.

Most of the experience quoted on consultant’s resumes would be from that of India, experience that can never be verified, and with companies that do not exist! If the work experience mentioned is from that of the U.S, this is how your story was covered:- A consultant "X" (from Computech) may be currently working for a company "XYZ". Consultant "Y" (also from Computech) during a client interview with a company "ABC” gives consultant "X" as a reference, saying that they both worked on some "project" in company "XYZ". Consultant "X" backs this story up and voila!, you have a placement. Unfortunately due to time constraint, U.S. firms do not bother to investigate further as they take your word for it.

There is a reason why all this covering up is required. Let me explain. The H1-B consultants hired by Computech are all engineers from different majors. Not all of them have had exposure to programming. So, Computech trains them at the Comp-U-Learn centers either on U.S. soil or in India. Then your resume and references are "fixed" and you are shipped to be marketed. I have no problems regarding consultants willing to work in the U.S., but bringing such people to the U.S. on "Highly-Skilled" visas is unfair. It is all right to train someone with a computer background in Java etc., but training a H1-B in computers from scratch on U.S. soil is shameful professional ethics.

No wonder Computech boasts a growth rate of 280% in the past 2 years. If you cheat, who the hell wouldn't! It should be highlighted that all 300 consultants of Computech are Indians on Non-Immigrant visas. Out of the 300 consultants at Computech, only 20 were hired on U.S. soil. I used to wonder why a $15 million company like Computech did not hire Americans? I guess if the same treatment had been meted out to a citizen, Computech Corporate "rear ends" would have been kicked all the way back to the stone age!

The sad part is that due to the greed of Corporate Monkeys sitting in Detroit and New Jersey, consultants cannot switch companies as they do not have any pay stubs, (a must in order to transfer the H1-B), to show their next employer. Computech knows you cannot quit as no other company will hire you, and hence uses this to twist your arm. Computech Corporation to my knowledge (from a former beneficiary), continues to issue "bogus pay stubs" to ensure the "smooth transfer" of such liabilities in case the going gets tough. Interesting eh?

Computech also went to the extent of tampering with my time sheets. I would advise all alien workers to keep a photocopy of their time cards for the record, especially if you work for an Indian owned/run-consulting firm. Only your employment agreement holds ground. Regarding a "bond", as far as I know, it does not hold good in the U.S. Of course it would be advisable that you consult a lawyer on this issue at: (or)

By “bond”, I mean that these companies sometimes put it in writing that you are their property for eighteen months or so and that if you quit before this period you are liable to be sued. Please do not submit your passport or other original documents to your employer except for the purpose of processing your visa. Some Indian companies have the habit of holding the alien’s papers once they step on U.S. soil. In this way they prevent them from switching companies. This is against the law and the INS should be


Another fact H1-B employees should be aware of, and which Computech fails to do, is that if your employer (not your client!) dismisses you before your period of authorized stay, the employer will be responsible for the reasonable costs of your return transportation to your home country. Now this is applicable only if you are not switching companies or deciding to stay in the U.S. This statement can be found under the subtitle "Statement for H1-B Specialty Occupations and DOD Projects" in the supplemental form of the I-129 (H).

In conclusion, all I can say is, "Shame on you Indians for exploiting your fellow country men, and shame to those who know such things go on but still let it happen". I hope the INS and U.S.D.O.L. will take the necessary steps to prevent such atrocities from happening in the future. Recruiters and U.S. companies, I hope this will be a wake up call for you to examine your employee's references and professional experience in depth. Employees please scrutinize each character on your employment agreement and keep abreast with current immigration laws, because what you do not know can hurt you.

Deepak Arulraj

Feedback Is Welcome To: (

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The real horror of H-1B 

The real horror is how it destroyed my nursing career potential while I waited 13 months for my wife to get permission to come to the USA. The real horror is how it steals the dreams from the best and brightest of the USA.

I work at a major Software Development company in Huntsville, Alabama. The Project I am working on is the design and production control programs for a United States Navy Warship. 

Most of my co-workers are Chinese (Red) Nationals. A substantial part of my coworkers are Indian from India. My employer is closing a division in India. They could import their software over the Internet. (Are you getting scared for national security yet? Does Mr. Lee of Los Alamos National Lab come to mind?) Indians once educated do not stay working for the India division. This produced no profits. They had to make these people come to the USA where they could not look for other work without being deported, to get their money back. They closed the division in India.

The point: This is causing a National Security Problem. The software we are designing makes it much easier and cheaper to design warships and other ships. Steps are already being taken to export this technology to other countries. It is not ILLEGAL! 

For a congressman here is the most serious point. If US Shipyards continue to be uncompetitive due to continued erosion of our domestic ship building industry, the US Navy will be unable to afford to buy the ships and defend the country. If we design this software at US Government Expense and then turn around and immediately sell it to France, Norway, Philippines, Korea, Japan et. al., the result will be that these shipyards without the capital cost of hiring programmers will be able to blow American Competitors out of the market.

Worse yet the technology will be exported to China. Two of my co-workers are PhD's from China. They will return to China and teach there as they did before working in this project. ... Do I need to explain this one?

But it is worse than that. Computer employment is notorious for careers ending because of Age discrimination at 55 years old or younger. The result of this is that highly qualified people are disposed of at 55 or even earlier. Every day they dispose of their workers younger and younger. All the while Congress is rising the retirement age to 67! 

This "Global Economy" that is going on is nothing neither more nor less than the greatest expansion of Slavery in the History of Mankind. I know! My family in the Philippines who is well connected and does quite well saw the income of their whole nation cut to 1/4th of its prior level in just 4 years. (They only had a per capita of $800/per year income before! Sounds like Slavery to ME!)

This is roughly true in most of the rest of the world. It was so bad that 2 years ago when the Asian economies went flat that Newt Gingrich personally called a man who was my best friend (he has died since then) and told him that the whole situation was going to blow up in a world war. Well the guns are being bought. I just told you were they are being designed. The Congress is playing its fiddle while the whole world marches for war to destroy the USA over this. (We just funded the down payment on the war 2 weeks ago in Columbia to the tune of $35 Billion.)

Lets get together and demand that American Citizenship being a Patient Right bought in the blood of 2 million citizens and with the greatest treasure in the history of mankind is not to be treated lightly. That any American Citizen deserves better treatment than any visitor! Let us remind them that all their patients and copyrights and all their money have no value what so ever if our citizenship has no value.

Paul Noel Registered Nurse, Software Developer, ADN BSBA BSCS soon to MCSD!

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H-1b abuses

Could you deny that foreign workers are like slaves? They gotta dance with the employer that brought them in. . . the actual policies of the United States disregard the immigration law, not to say the Constitution.

Find out Former Labor Secretary Prof. Robert Reich testified in 1995:

--- My experience in the United States

---All is hypocrisy

--- Join the 'Stop Abuse' webring

Doron Tal

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H1B immigration a real story

This is one of the Zillion H1-B fraud schemes in Existence. I was visiting India in the summer of 1999, and was in my hometown about 50 miles east of Hyderabad. I was approached by my cousin S.Kumar and 17 of his friends, they asked me to come to a open house being conducted by an agent of US employer at a near by hotel. 

My cousin works as a typist and most of this friends do some odd jobs or just don't have a job. The agent promised them jobs and took about $500 as advance to start the paper work, and the remaining $8000 should be given to him after the had over of the H1-B approval. The agent will also assist in the application of VISA at the American consulate, if a VISA was rejected the agent will give them $7000 back. 

I warned my cousin that this is just another fraud scheme, and they be careful. They all insisted that I come to the open house and check out the agent and the employer. The open house was in a hotel suite and when I got there about 35 others were in the suite huddled together. The agent well dressed starts to address the crowd; "Great news I just received a wire from US, we have over 200 immediate openings 18 for truck drivers, I need 9 taxi drivers, 29 typists and stenographers, 18 baggage handlers and the list goes on .. most jobs pay $3000 a MO and in less than a year you will earn the money you paid me, very soon you will all be rich, $7000 is a good investment ... " 

Its very common for Indians to travel overseas for non technical jobs, over 1/2 a million Indians taken up non technical jobs in Middle east and far east every year. I confronted the agent asking him that US does not allow non technical Immigrants through H1-B program and that the program is only for highly qualified Immigrants. The agent got very upset and was shouting at me "Just like many Americans I have become ignorant and I do not know the law, and that he has powerful allies in US to make this happen". My cousin asked me not to upset the agent and that he as trying to help them get a job in US, I just gave up and warned them of nothing but trouble. In Dec of 1999 I was told that most of the 17 members in the group got there H1-B approvals and all but two also got here VISAS and that they were in US doing some odd jobs. My cousin and his friends VISA got rejected because they messed up the paper work. My cousin became over jealous and produced two experience letter for the same period from two different companies in different cities 800 miles apart.

 Apparently someone told him to produce letters with lots of experience and he did. US consulate looked at this papers and told him "How can you work in two different cities at the same time which are 800 miles apart" VISA rejected! ( You have to be really dumb to get your VISA rejected ! ) My cousin sold his only ancestral home to pay off the $7000 in exchange for the H1-B approval, he should have gotten some money back because of his VISA but the agent nor the company were to be seen. 

Stories of H1-B victims committing suicide appear in newspapers very often !. Its common for some companies in US to close the old company after a big payoff and start a new company. Fraud is just a daily part of Indian life and even Indians who are skilled and have valid Engineering degrees fall victims to H1-B fraud. According to INS and state department over 65 % of all the H1-B applicants are fraudulent. They are helpless because of the law which allows any one to apply for one and get an H1-B visa whether you are qualified are not!.

May god save American worker !

Hari Rao

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Regarding Mr. Perez's statement

Muchos Gracias Sr. Perez for your posting that you know of ACTUAL teaching openings. Please read below MY personal experiences since 1992 through 2000 about the high school public teaching job market. 

Can you tell me exactly which school districts are willing to hire US citizens to work in their school districts? I have been begging to be allowed to teach the knowledge that I have in mathematics and physics to children of any ethnic and/or nationality. I submitted my resume for EVERY single high school job opening in the state of Utah that wanted an teacher in mathematics and/or science. I received THREE phony job interviews. I paid my own expenses to drive from one of the state of Utah to the other to interview for these jobs. The state of Utah has a regulatory pay range for their teaching staff. Anyone with a PhD was to be paid a min. of $25,000 per year. I hold a PhD in physics and at the time held a Utah Alternative Teaching Endorsement. To obtain this endorsement the Utah State Department of Education certified that I was more than qualified to teach their high school students in mathematics and science. The state verified my education and my two years of college teaching experience.

When I arrived at all three job interviews I was promptly told that the salary offered would be $19,500 for whatever candidate was selected for the job. They never offered me the work and I would have accepted as I was and am looking for an alternative career.

I applied to Emory School District in southern Utah. They never bothered to even interview me. Instead they ran head long out an hired THREE H-1B Non Immigrant teachers while I was living in the state of Utah and begging for a job. I was unemployed almost two year by then as a result of the H-1B program and the budget cuts in the national research. The Emory School Administration wouldn't even speak to me in a civilized manner on the telephone when I asked why I hadn't at least been interviewed. They were miffed that I had discovered that they had clandestinely hired these H-1B teachers.

I had my name and resume listed in a national program to announce that I wanted to teach in a high school. After being in that register, I was called by ONE high school in California that wanted me to be on the job within 72 hours. They never bothered to tell me the salary they would offer me, the school environment, nothing....I was simply told to show up. (NOT what I deemed to be a sincere job offer.) 

New Mexico is a similar state whiner of a lack of teachers problem. It claims to need teachers but it is unwilling to pay living wages to its current employed teachers who leave the state in droves. Amazingly, when they offer out of state bilingual education teachers $3,000 MORE in a salary suddenly they have no problems in hiring bilingual teachers. The school districts here are so cheap in pay that the school teachers work a second job with the most sited work being that of a waitress so that they can pay for the tuition for continuing education costs and as they work towards additional certification efforts. Recently, some teachers interviewed in the local paper said that when they completed their masters degrees by such efforts that New Mexico would only offer them $2,000/year while neighboring state offered them a 50% increase in salary.

I have been trying this entire summer to find work as a New Mexico teacher. There was a fantastic one semester alternative teaching program that WAS in place at one of the local colleges. The only hitch was that they needed the cooperation of the school districts to arrange for student teaching and mentoring programs to get these willing pool of teachers into the teaching job market. One WOULD reasonably think that the school districts would be falling all over each other to help out. NO! You would be wrong! Not one single school district has managed to make such an arrangement so two incoming classes of wannabe public school teachers were told this summer that their desires to obtain an alternative teaching licensing and a career as a teacher as been snuffed out. Why? Because the very school districts that whine that they need teachers are unwilling to take any effort to work with the public of educated and willing persons who wanted to be teachers. (To be accepted into the program one had to have taken the basic teacher's tests, submitted several reference letters, proof of a min. bachelor's degree in an approved subject matter, and to have submitted a formal application plus a filing fee.)

There is supposed to be a waiver program in place in some school districts for individuals who want to teach. Do you know that in two months time I have not had a straight and consistent answer as whether the program is still available and if it is what steps need to be taken to obtain it? I then called the local teachers' union. I was assured that the individual there could pry this information out of the hands of the local school district. THIS teachers' union employee has been trying for THREE weeks to get a living person on the telephone and no one has returned his numerous telephone calls. The union employee has called me several times to let me know that he is still desperately trying to get information for me but has not had the cooperation of the school district.

So, Mr. Perez, if you know of school districts in these "southern states" that are in dire need of teachers for their children, I would like to know about it. I , however, want to know the name(s) of the hiring individuals, a mailing address, telephone 
number. While I am not English/Spanish bilingual, I am bilingual in English/German and have an incredible ability to pick of languages. I am more than willing to take any language training courses necessary for a job. 

I *am* taking the basic teaching tests this October in hopes that maybe the state of New Mexico will be so ashamed of itself that it will compel the school districts to actual work with the public such as myself who WOULD like the opportunity to teach.

Again, Mr. Perez if you have a direct, personal knowledge of schools that are hiring, willing hire, and want an experienced teacher who completely enjoys teaching ---- I want to know specific information. Inspite of the negative experiences I have had so far in trying to break into the teaching profession --- I STILL want to be a teacher.

Dwight M. Walsh, BS, MS, PhD (phyiscs)
two years college teaching experience
tutoring since I was in high school --- mathematics and physics to minorities and non-minority students

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  I thought slavery was ended in this country after the civil war.

I have been reading through your web site on feedback and I have to tell you that I agree with you on a great deal about what you say: The H1-B program is a way to exploit people from third world countries for cheap slave labor. I have been living in the Dallas area for about 2 years now, and everywhere I go, I see this town being absolutely just flooded(mainly with Indians) with Indians and Chinese and Russians here on H1-B technical visas.

The reason for this is, that Dallas,Texas is home to a great many fortune 500 and 100 corporations who are bringing in this cheap, indentured workforce at cut rate prices. All the big companies are hiring these people. Just go over to GTE in Las Collinas and stay a while in the hall in the main lobby and watch as all the people walk past you, and you will think you are in Bombay, India and not the United States. The sad fact of the matter about this is that, I worked as a contractor at GTE for about 7 or 8 months with 6 other Indian Programmers and these guys were great, technically not so great intuitively or American, culturally) programmers. They were definitely senior level people, yet they were being paid about $30,000 or $40,000 less than their market value and while I was on this team of Indian H1-B, programmers we were all being worked 70 to 80 hours a week on this particular project we were doing. 

The point is this: If huge corporations like GTE are going to bring people over from foreign countries to perform this type of work, they should at the very least pay these people their fair market value. As it is, they don't even come close to it. GTE is not the only corporation in the Dallas Area that is abusing the H1-B program. Just look at the Shams group or BankTech on the H1-B database lookup at this website and you will see that they are almost exclusively H1-B software shops and they pay these people absolute slave wages. The Shams group of Carrollton, Texas pays their H1-B software and engineering people anywhere from $27,000 to $38,000 a year salary for senior level visual basic and visual c++ programmers. And BankTech and BlockBuster do the same thing. That is an absolute disgrace!

These people deserve to be paid better!!! $27,000 dollars a year in the Dallas area is not much better pay than what the average retail worker in the Dallas area (with no college degree) makes. No wonder why I go turned down there 3 times while interviewing with these companies. Why should they hire a qualified American for $55,000 when they can hire an indentured servant for $27,000 a year? If they are going to bring these people in, at least pay them a fair market wage and help them get their green cards and their citizenship so they can't be exploited and abused like they are currently being exploited or abused. But the sad fact of the matter is that that will never happen because big fortune 500 companies(like GTE and BankTech)won't be able to exploit them as cheap slave labor.

And the sad thing about all this is, if they(the H1-B foreign workers) publicly complain or quit or get disgusted with being overworked and underpaid then it is not long before they are back on the plane to India or some other third world country from which they came. This country fought a very bloody civil war to end slavery, what is it going to take to end the H1-B program and the abuses thereof? Who ever said that slavery is died in the United States after the civil war!!! After witnessing the abuses and personally being victimized by the H1-B program, I can honestly say that slavery is alive and well in the good ole USA thanks to corporate America.

Brendan Boyd
,Euless, Texas

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Congresswoman Heather Wilson Comment 

My wife called US Congresswoman Heather Wilson's (R. New Mexico) office to encourage her to vote against increasing the H-1B quota numbers. After my wife informed this aide that I am a direct and documented victim of the decade old H-1B Non Immigration Visa program, this aide asked my wife if I had "...any college education...." My wife informed her that I in fact hold three degrees. The response from this aide who said she was working from bullet points provided by the Congresswoman is shocking and appalling.

The staffer informed my wife that I am "over-qualified" for the US programming jobs. This staff member told my wife on Friday, July 14, 2000 that because I have a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in physics that employers are unwilling to pay me for my education and experience. This staff member was working from bullet points provided to her by US Congresswoman Wilson who went on to tell my wife that 1) no employer would be willing to hire me because of my advanced level of education; and 2) the H-1B program is geared towards hiring only programmers. 

My wife correctly advised this aide that I would be willing to work for the wages of a programmer. It certainly beats being unemployed besides the fact that I enjoy programming and debugging work.

Let this be a warning to all of you seeking higher education. The United States Congress does NOT want Americans with high levels of education. They are in full support of destroying your hopes of working as a scientist and/or programmer if it benefits their own fund raising efforts. 

I am posting all of the colleges that I have attended so that others might follow my lead and we can hold these colleges accountable for over-producing US technical professionals. If these schools are proud of the number of graduates they produce each year then they should also be held accountable for the number of unemployed graduates as well.

Any manager who has a job offer, I would like to hear from you. I hear much about the difficulty the managers have of hiring well trained professionals. I am a dedicated, hardworking, creative, American. Because of today's job market I am highly adaptive and more than interested in being a "mere programmer". I would like to challenge all the managers who visit this site to consider offering jobs to others at this web site who clearly have high levels of education who would like the opportunity to work as programmers. So all you managers who claim you are having difficulty filling programming jobs --- don't be shy --- step right up and contact these American professionals with advanced degrees. Let us meet your work load needs. We are here. We are trained. We are professionals. 

Dwight Walsh, B.S, M.S., Ph.D.
B.S. / Ph.D. Brigham Young University
M.S. University of Denver

Additional education: University of New Mexico, Rose State College,  Oklahoma State University, Colorado Technical University South Dakota State University, 

Sigma Pi Sigma (life time member for academic honors)

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  Companies who are indirectly H1 dependent 
I know of some companies in Washington DC metro area who are 99% depended on H1's. Cable & Wireless is one of them. They are located in Tysons Corner area Virginia. Well, they do not employ directly H1's but thru 'front' companies. In fact, any one can call and say I have 3 H1 workers I want to place them they will be willing to interview them and hire them. They will make H1's do jobs in skills which are hottest and not let their employees even come around those skills. Where are all the labor laws, training etc? Currently they have around 300 H1 workers 
working in skills which are like traditional programming areas like Oracle etc. Can they not find enough workers for these jobs? Contrary to 
general belief, I really do not think H1's cost less. The normal billing rates for these 'front' companies is around $70/hr. Is that less? I know many of them make good salary too like 60K+. Thanks. 

David Moses

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20 years at the keyboard....

I came across your web site and I was so impressed I am actually writing you to say WOW, what a GREAT site!!! Before your web site I thought TPF programmers were the only persecuted targets. In 1989 TPF programmers were earning 120K and I saw through the years, how we were systematically replaced with foreign workers.

The skills of American TPF programmers were superior to the foreign workers because the most sophisticated applications were in the USA.. So what you are seeing today with H-1B has been a dynamic of US corporate management philosophy since forever. Everything always comes down to the money and the human factor is always a subordinate issue.

When myself and many of my coworkers were terminated we became consultants and most were NEVER able to get a permanent job ever again. I did not understand why back then, but I was smart enough to change fields and never look back. It is not a surprise to me that most US students are not interested in technology, who wants to be exploited like a slave. This is not rocket science and eventually there will be a MASSIVE shortage of technical workers. 

I read in in recently published copies of Computer World about other 20 year IT professionals who are unemployed. I agree with your web site, there is not a shortage of IT people in the USA, just VERY compelling reasons to keep salaries low. Since we know what the outcome is, and the circumstances that arrive at the outcome, we are now armed with the skills to survive in this business environment. "keep your head low, your mouth shut, get into management and run don't walk from that technical job!!" You will retire with a BIG FAT 401K savings account and the work is a cake walk compared to programming.

Tony Garcia

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Here is my Horror Story: Shame on you El Paso Energy!!!

I recently did a phone interview with El Paso, energy for a position as a Visual Basic Programmer. They had two H1-B programmers grill me for about 40 minutes over the phone doing a very intensive phone tech screen/interview.

I did extremely well. So the recruiting company that had referred me to them, called me back and said that El Paso Energy was very impressed and was on the verge of making me an offer. I did another phone interview with the company management. The recruiters then called me back said that they were going to make me an offer for a job at El Paso Energy for $64,500 yearly salary plus, moving expenses and full benefits. They said hold tight and they would call me back to confirm all this. Well nothing happened after for 3 days, so I called the recruiter back to see what was going on. She then told me that the management staff of El Paso energy said they wanted to wait and make a start date for this particular position in September or October. Well here it was the end of June and the People at El Paso Energy said that they wanted to make a start date for the position that I interviewed for in September or October? That didn't make any sense at all whatsoever! 

I looked on the hall of shame web page for employers that hired H1-B's, and I ran El Paso Energy and it turned out that El Paso Energy had 4 H1-B's on staff at the El Paso office at the that I interviewed at over the phone. It turned out that these H1-B's had been on staff for nearly two and half years now and their top salaries were only $48,000 per annum. So it tells me that El Paso Energy didn' t want to pay me the $64,000 annual salary(plus relocation expenses, plus recruiter fees on top of that) that the only reason they interviewed me was so that I could be the token fall guy they could use to say they interviewed and then go ahead and fill out the visa papers to have the new H1-B programmer come on in September or October for their start date. So the whole thing smell really fishy and I can't help but believe that the position for which I interviewed with at El Paso Energy was already filled and that they were just going through the motions to say to the dept. of Labor that they had tried to hire an American and then decided to hire an H1-B instead.

So I can't help but feel I lost out on this job because they, El Paso Energy, wanted to hire a much cheaper H1-B person instead. It is time to ABOLISH THE H1-B program. It is nothing more than a scam to hire cheap, indentured, foreign labor at the expense of the qualified American citizen. Thanks

Brendan Boyd  

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I would like to tell you this story. I have a friend of mine, little bit older than me, great System/Network Administration (Unix and NT). Few weeks ago another friend of mine that works for Microsoft Hotmail, told me about some openings in there. Cool, I said, I got all the info and I've passed them to my friend. He did two interviews (one was a phone interview) and..... ZERO.

Few weeks later I've talked with my friend in Microsoft and he told me that the position has already been filled by an H1B, but the H1B isn't here yet, because of the cap. It looks that one of the managers is an H1B too, from the same country.

Not only they are stealing our jobs, but they are also "lobbying" together.

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I do not see in the list "Top 100 Employers of H-1Bs" Southern California Edison. I think they will take the first position there. It is absolutely huge company with at least 4 very big locations in several cities in LA and Orange county areas. I contracted in there two locations. Both of them were flooded by Indians. I can estimate at one (smaller) location over 150 of them. It was only the beginning. They started to remodel rooms by eliminating cubicles and putting tables to accommodate next big portion of H1-Bs.  There was a manager who's responsibility was to work with Indian bodyshops. Many of them were there to negotiate contracts.  I was eventually out with all others American consultants. As far as I know this company completely exterminated all American contractors. They do not sponsor (H1-B) directly, they use bodyshops instead. In addition they outsource non critical projects to India.

Please read the FAQs page to understand the limits to that Top 100 list. You are correct that Edison hires plenty of H-1Bs. Go the H1-B Visa Database and type edison in the Company Name. You will see plenty of listings. 

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Mad as Hell !!

Several months ago I was contacted by an Indian recruiter from the East coast regarding a long-term contract position in the Northwest. He suggested I submit my request with a very high net rate (my portion of the take) of $90 per hour - then he suggested I ask for even more. It seemed odd. So, I contacted another local Arizona agency regarding the same positions. The top rate for a senior system programmer was actually about $50 per hour. (This was an IBM contract.) So, I went back and researched the home page of "the big company from New York" which the Indian represented. It turned out to be a poor homemade mom-and-pop home page catering to H-1Bs. It was obvious that he was systematically collecting inflated salary requests from American workers to make his own stable of H-1B workers look better.

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I am a computer consultant. About 2 years ago I had a contract at US West in Denver. I left for another contract. Just after I left, I heard the project was cancelled, then immediately refunded using Tata (India) staff. This stuff is happening all across the country, not just in Silicon Valley. 

Keep up the good work! 

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I have kept up with the H-1B visa programs since it was established by the US Congress on Saturday, October 27, 1990. On that fateful night, US Congressman John Bryant stated, "This bill WILL throw currently employed US workers (citizens and green card holders) into unemployment." None of the other Congressmen cared. In fact they must have found this a wonderful idea because most of them voted it. Furthermore, Bryant stated, "if the American public knew what we were doing to them at the midnight hour they would be aghast." (It was voted on at 11:30 p.m.)

What about this prevailing wage requirement? Well, turns out that US Department of Labor DOES NOT personally look at the statistics of what is "prevailing wages". The Department can CLAIM that there is a wage base that can or is used but the REALITY is something very different. IN practice --- this means that the federal agencies take the word of the employer that there is 1) a shortage; 2) others applied and no one else qualifies; 3) the wages being offered are prevailing for the community and occupation; and 4) that this employee will go home after the work is done.

Having worked with several federal DoL agencies on these H-1B issues, I have been told from Ohio, to Texas, to Colorado, to Utah, to Arizona, to Utah, and California that these agencies do NOT investigate the claims of the wages made by the employer. In fact all of these federal agency staff members told me all "off the record" that they knew that the H-1B was pre-selected for the job prior to the job being announced.

When I made inquiries about a low-pay post-doctorate position at an unnamed university in Utah, I was able to force the wages offered up by a few thousand dollars but still below the prevailing wages for the type of work and education. The state/federal agency overseeing the job vacancy announcement fought me tooth and nail about not increasing the wages, she refused to identify the college until I guessed at it based upon the pay and the type of research being done, and she admitted to me that the candidate was ALREADY IN the job!

Nor does DoL nor INS investigate the claims of where the H-1B will be working. For example: I discovered that several post doctorate positions were listed for a university that stated repeatedly that they never had post doctorate positions. Not one who accepts being lied to I went to the college chairman and made some inquiries about these positions. He did not tell me the truth. I let him bury himself in misstatements and his efforts to re-direct my questions to OTHER post doctorate positions that I was not inquiring about. Finally, I politely told him that I had federal documents with his signature on them which stated that the individual was working at the college. Suddenly the chairman knew exactly who I was talking about and immediately informed me that that position was filled by a Chinese fellow, he received two post doctorates and while NOT working at the university he was working at the PRIVATE company of one of the faculty members. THIS of course was not the information submitted to the US Department of Labor which stated that the individual would be working AT and FOR the university and for the chairman.

Just because there are laws and procedures on the books does not mean that people follow them. This of course is why there are prisons to hold bad actors and litigation that keeps lawyers (such as myself) employed.

As for the old song and dance that if one keeps up one's skills one will be continually employed ----- pleeeeaaase. Wake up! This is almost the 21st Century! Youth and cheap is what is valued. And, if you are pleased with Alan Greenspan's economy then I am certain you are pleased to know that he has total contempt for the American farmers (his statements at Henry-Hawkins Hearings June/July 1999) in which he blamed the US farmers for being too good at their jobs and thus deserving of an economic depression! And ole Al also dislikes the middle-income and the low income folks....and we shouldn't forget that Al doesn't want the American public to be spending ANY of their own money either as this causes inflation. The only people left for Alan Greenspan to work for is the upper class and then only if they don't spend money either.

It is amazing how many folks think that having all the folks working would actually harm the economy. I for one think that having people working would be a wonder thing for the economy and society and families. Next time you think being unemployed is a great thing --- consider giving up YOUR job to some unemployed PhD, US scientist who would like to be gainfully employed. Those stats. of needing folks unemployed can feel nice and reassuring until you or your loved ones are without work, facing the reality that one's job has been stolen by an act of the US Congress, and that no matter how much retraining one does it will never land one a job in one's field because one is now "too old" and not of the correct national origin.

An attorney

This website would not have been possible without the help of this attorney who wishes to be anonymous. People like this are willing to sacrifice their time so that you can learn the evils of H-1B.


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Horrors of a different kind

 While I can sympathize with those who lose their jobs because of H1Bs, the other side is that the Government considers these people as slaves and if they step out of line accidentally, their permit is revoked. It doesn't matter if they've paid taxes for 20 years, it's all lost. It doesn't matter if they're paying on a house, if the government wants them out, they're out. They work as hard as any "American" for less or more, but still as hard and are treated like scum by the government. 

I know there are people who have lost jobs because of this "importation", but if the government really doesn't want these people here and "sends them all back where they belong", the economy would collapse. There are not enough people here in the US to take over their positions. They come here for the opportunity. I hardly think they come here to put someone out of a job. Many people came here over the past 300 years for opportunities and these people are no different and shouldn't be treated as scabs. I admire many of them, but I'm under no illusion that all of them are moral, upstanding, hard-working people. "They" are human above all else and have the same foibles we have.

This enslavement must stop.

Colin J. Schmidt

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I agree with your site completely, myself American born just completed a Bachelors in CIS from Rutgers University. I applied for about 150 jobs and did not get a single interview. I seriously do not believe that we have a shortage of skilled labor (JAVA,HTML) because I took Java, HTML, SQL, C++ courses at Rutgers.

Mittal C. Patel

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I have been employed as a independent software developer with an American semiconductor company for the past three years. In that time I observed the hiring practices of this company that clearly discriminates against American workers. In the past 3 years, this company has hired almost exclusively software developers from China, India, and Russia. They all started as low level programmers to fill immediate demands. They were all originally contracted out from body shops. 

The body shops charge about 10% less than individual contractors (thus making them more attractive to the bean counters). Over time the company has become dependent on these workers. After they determine that they need to keep these people they basically pay off the body shop a "finders fee" (How much they pay I am not certain). This is equivalent to the selling the worker as a slave. From there on out the company uses their internal lawyers to petition for the worker. The workers are then assigned to entry level positions, that pay much less that the going rate for the area. However, compared to the amount they were making with the body shop, it is an overall increase in pay (medical and dental benefits for their families). 

In the end, they become indentured slaves. These workers occupy low level positions, but are responsible for design and development of all major systems. It is clear that these workers can never be released as they are the architects, designers, and coders of the software. The documentation and coding practices are less that adequate. There is little choice but to hold on to these workers. And hold on to them they will for the next 10-15 years minimum. Once these workers have replaced Americans, there is no incentive to replace them. They are here to stay. 

I have been privy to information regarding potential recruits. I can tell you that the company has not even attempted to interview an American worker in the past 3 years. They have instead flown all over the country to meet prospective hires from China, India, and Russia. If you question whether or not we American workers are being replaced with cheap foreign labor, let me assure you we are. 

For the past few years, I have had my head in the sand. I have been so busy I have had little time to realize the trend that was occurring. I had just assumed that this company was unique in it's attempt to hire cheap labor. I was wrong. After reading over the documentation provided by this web site, and other information across the web,  I am convinced that American companies are sacrificing the future of American workers to pump up the bottom line. I have contacted the PR departments of several companies listed in the top 20 hall of shammers. They have verified that indeed the majority of their work force are foreign laborers here on H1-B visas. What I suggest to you is that if we do not form an alliance, we will suffer untold financial losses. We must unite now. If the IEEE is waffling on the issue, they cannot be trusted. To quote the Guild's web page: 

"If you are a programmer and you have decided not to join us, ask yourself what organization are you going to join? With Congress engaging in open warfare against the programming profession in exchange for cash, we have two choices: Take it lying down or fight! Congress is passing laws restricting where and how can you work. If you are not going to join us you can start your own programmer's group, find another group, or be a wimp.". 

The answer of who to join may be the American Engineering Association. You can join on-line at 


(Note: Please remove my name from this post as I will surely be released by the company I work for.) 

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Former NASA Worker Shunned! 

I agree with your site.... I think the main reason I have not been able to get a good-paying high-tech job is the huge surplus of cut-rate H1-B workers in this country.

I'm only 36 years old, but I'm viewed as "overqualified" and "over the hill" in this industry. I was a NASA project manager by age 24, but I quit a few years later because of the disgusting attitude of the managers. Boy was I a fool! I thought I could always jump back into the job market, since I have a BSEE from Clemson and an MSEE from CalTech. Instead, these qualifications have been BLACK MARKS OF SHAME when I get job interviews.

Getting interviews themselves is almost impossible. Since I am age 36, everyone assumes I'm "over the hill" and "overqualified". They won't even pay me a lousy $20 an hour! What kind of scam are they running??? I had to settle for PC technician work, but finally got a job a few months ago.... repairing telephones!!!

Now whenever I get job interview, they've already got H1-B's picked out for the jobs, but they need a U.S. citizen "fall guy" just to claim they tried to find somebody. I know this because almost every job ad in the classifieds is filled in less than one week!!!

Please have everybody read about my struggles against a wave of H1-B replacement workers in my book I wrote about this. I am so fed up!!! Thanks and keep up the great work. 

Tom Nadeau
"Seven Lean Years"
NASA Refugee and White-Collar Impoverished

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  I'm a 46 year old Electrical Engineer. For 13 years now, I have not been offered a "direct" position at any of the "Big Three," just contract work. I see them hiring young foreign workers left and right, probably for half of what I expect to make. It is clear cut "age" and "salary" discrimination!

As "contract slime" I am denied most employer paid training, or would have to reimburse my shop for it if I left their employment within 2 years. I had to teach myself J1850 or become obsolete. Now I have to teach myself CAN!

The days when contract employment paid MORE than a direct position (due to lack of job security) are long gone. The Big Three put an end to shop jumping by requiring a 30 working day absence before you could return to any job with them.

I blame the our immigration policies in general and H1B in particular for the sorry state of employment opportunities for older engineers in the automotive industry. Contract employment is another scam set up by big business to exploit the American workforce, and H1B just makes it easier for them to maintain the system!

Rick Gorman
Rochester Hills, MI

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Thanks and I look forward to the information you'll be including regarding the abuses in 1999. I probably won't be too surprised, because I'm an American computer contractor and consultant, or was until last year. There are too many problems making it very difficult to find contract work with reasonably acceptable conditions, and I've known severe low balling, as severe as what many H-1Bs have been subjected to, with the difference in my case being that although I had the formal freedom to switch and quit contracts and agencies, this isn't as readily easy as some or many H-1Bs apparently believe it is for Americans. There's definitely the cost of living to pay for. However, I'm sure there'll be information I haven't been previously aware of and am looking forward to reading about the horror stories; not for reasons of enjoying these, because I definitely don't, but instead only for being more informed.

Thanks for your web site; it's a good addition and contribution.

Mike Corbeil

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Yes, I am absolutely appalled at the H1-B program! I was out of work for 3 months, from September through December of 1999. I attribute the misguided H1-B program as one of the reasons for my misfortune.

I am a mainframe programmer/analyst, with over 11 years experience and a B.S. in computer science. I had been working as a contractor for about 6 years, and am presently employed in a permanent position (at a much lower salary).

I all my years of work (I'm 43 years old), I'd never been unemployed. For the first time, I filed and collected unemployment benefits while foreign computer (professionals??) took my opportunities. During my contracting period, I'd never had much difficulty in finding a new contract position when one ended; the longest down time I had was about 10 days. Then, I hit the big 3 months! Believe me, this was awful! My last position was at Bergen Brunswig in Orange, CA. When I left Bergen, there was a newly hired individual from India working under the H1-B visa program. I was qualified to perform all his duties easily, yet they chose to hire and retain this foreign worker. I'm sure they were paying a very low price for his services. I had requested that I stay on at Bergen and was quite capable of performing the tasks the Indian fellow was performing; however, I was told there was no work available for me. Ha! I'm no dummy. Gee, let's see. Pay this foreigner $20/hour or a veteran and U.S. citizen $50/hour? They chose the cheap labor. Thank you, H1-B!!

I contacted my two (lame) U.S. senators and my congressman concerning the injustice of this program. I received a reply in support of my unemployment and dissatisfaction with H1-B from my congressman. I never heard from the senators; too busy raising taxes! While in the middle of my idle period, I read that there was an attempt to increase the quota on the number of H1-B visas. Wow! Even more opportunities taken away from me. I couldn't believe the slap in the face from our American government. The attitude appeared to be to bow to low cost services for big companies, and SCREW American citizens, all based on lies.

I finally attained employment with a good company, but it took quite a while and the stress of being out of work for 3 months was fun! As a computer professional, I see many foreign workers in the computing environment. They're here taking our jobs, people. Let's rally and repeal this inane program! Contact your elected officials and let them know that you are appalled at this gross injustice to American workers!

Dave Carleton

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As a landlord with an HB1 person living in my property and telling me that he is going to work and not being paid, I am in a very bad position. On the one hand, I have heard lies from tenants since 1990 and never believed any of them. On the other hand, his communication to me stating that he is working and not being paid for the work he is doing in his research at a near-by medical facility sounds plausible based on what I have read on your site. His lease termination has come, and I am a slave not only to state eviction laws with regard to getting him off my property, but I fear International Services and the Bureau of Immigration ..... the federal government in my procedures. He said he has no green card, and from his verbal classification of himself, he appears to be one of the HB1 people. Help! Anyone!

Everyone tells me he is lying that he is not being paid for his work and to just kick him out, but it sounds like this is possible. However, no one can get over here to work and get the education in this country without having money and backing...yes? He went to Texas A & M, lived in NYC and worked and has a doctoral degree and is currently working in research in a local State affiliated hospital. PSU

Stuck in Pa. CB

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I was on a project with Kaiser Permanente (KP) in Pasadena, California in 1997-1998. KP was developing a new system, using Cool:gen (IEF). There were a number of Cool:gen consultants working on the project - a mixture of H-1Bs' and U.S. citizens.

KP wanted the U.S. consultants to sign on as full time employees but was only willing to pay us about $60K per year. ($60K per year is a low salary for an experienced I.T. professional in S.California). As consultants we were making about $60 per hour so needless to say, most of us declined the KP offer.

So what did KP do? It sent it's managers to the Phillipines, Egypt and India to hire employees on H-1B visas. And guess what? Some of these new hires had NO knowledge of Cool:gen. They had lied on their résumé's and in the interview. The H-1B hires were being paid about $50-55K per year. And you guessed it, once we trained the H-1Bs' our contracts were terminated.

The Cool Cool-gen programmer

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 I oppose T-visas or an expansion of the H-1B visa. Last year companies legally fired hundreds of thousands of U.S. IT workers (per Challenger, Gray and Christmas), without re-tooling any of them, believing the answer for skilled workers is in some mythical unending supply of cheap foreigners they can import - as they displace us.

I was one of all IT workers fired by insurance giant AIG, headquartered in New York. This highly profitable company boasted they were saving $11 million as they made us train our H-1B replacements. The company that provided the foreigners to AIG, Syntel, was punished for paying foreigners less than the prevailing wage. I sought to sue AIG via 4 government agencies. This failed as they did nothing illegal, no matter the harm to their employees. I secured a job, but retirement benefits were destroyed -in my 50's, I cannot start over.

There remain no protections to prevent abuse. Protections in companies that have H-1B's as 15% or greater of the workforce - body shops - do not protect Americans. And the H-1B worker has the incentive to not file a complaint. There remains lack of real regulatory oversight. We cannot support bills that virtually give open borders to foreign IT workers when we have not addressed using available U.S. workers. Thousands of Y2K programmers are becoming available. Do we throw them away? Do we throw away today's graduates when they advance in their careers and become "expensive"? It is disturbing that the average wage increase for workers is 3.1%, but for CEO's is 37.8%. This is the ethics from which the H-1B rises up.

As qualified U.S. workers lose, or are not considered for jobs, foreign workers are exploited. H-1B's I know receive allowances with pay going home short-circuiting U.S. payroll taxes, cheating our Treasury. The prevailing wage foreigners are to be paid is based on old numbers, incorporates high skilled jobs into lower level job slots, does not consider benefits nor annual wage increases. H-1B workers are not free to seek a job at the true "market" wage. Why are markets free for business, but not labor? U.S. workers need a level playing field to survive.

We're not against truly high skilled workers on the H-1B visa - that is it's purpose. We are talking about the severe abuse of this intent - and pervasive fraud - as the Inspector General and other government bodies proved. We cannot consider any worker visa when usage is fraudulent, shortage numbers are not reliable per our government, and there is no required use of available, qualified U.S. workers or prevention of abuse. We cannot promote a program that rewards age discrimination in an ugly form of corporate welfare at worker expense. If companies began re-tooling when they first shouted "shortage", they would have the skilled workers they need. Project managers and programmers, with experience constructing programs, will tell you a competent programmer can pick up a new skill quickly enough to work on a project.

Understand where motive is. Those who lobby for the ITAA and immigration attorneys derive substantial income from the H-1B visa. Companies want cheap labor. Foreigners want entrance to our country using a program that short circuits immigration routes. Politicians want IT money for campaigns. It adds up to quite a force against the U.S. worker. We seem no longer a democracy. Not when the respected Louis Harris & Associates found that fully 82% of the 1000 adults surveyed opposed any expansion of the H-1B visa program - then the 1998 visa increase was passed, but only when hidden within the budget bill.

The economic health and stability of the U.S. workforce is the backbone of our nation.

Linda Kilcrease  

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  Stephen Schultz is an engineer who was laid off from his job in Modesto, California. He was then asked to come back to his company on a temporary basis -- in order to train his foreign replacement.

There was nothing Mr. Schultz could do about it. He was laid off and replaced by a foreign worker. To add insult to injury, he was asked to train his foreign replacement. This offensive practice must stop.

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Americans are being replaced by H1-Bs

Advocates of H-1B claim that the H-1B visas will be issued to fill open jobs not to replace American workers. The American public would be outraged if they knew that the H-1B program is being used to replace American workers with indentured slaves. I know because I was replaced with an engineer hired with an H-1B visa. I am a 44-year-old software engineer that was educated with taxpayer money and now I cant find a job because the H-1B bill makes it way too easy for companies to fire older engineers.

After I was fired I decided to take legal action because I thought the H-1B program couldnt be used to replace American engineers. I called an H-1B policy specialist for the Department of Labor in Washington D.C. to see if I had any legal recourse. She gave me nothing but bad news. I have no basis for legal action because the new H-1B was designed to have huge gaping loopholes. The H-1B bill doesnt restrict business from replacing American workers with H-1Bs. American workers have no protections what so ever!

H-1B advocates claim that the law has "protections" that will prevent American workers from being replaced. The law says the companies are restricted from replacing Americans if that companys workforce has more than 15% of its total employees H1-Bs. The loopholes appear when you see how the total number of H-1B employees is counted. Here are the loopholes:

  • The 15% is a percentage of all employees in the company compared to H-1B employees. In other words janitors and secretaries can be in that same count. Since companies dont hire H-1B janitors or maids, 100% of the engineering department could be on H-1B visas and it would be totally legal.
  • The count includes only employees that have current working H-1Bs. If they are now on some other kind of resident visa they dont need to be counted.
  • They dont need to be counted if they have a Masters degree or higher. The H1-B doesnt actually have to have a real accredited Masters degree. The company can say that their experience level is equivalent to a Masters degree. This gives companies a loophole they can use to leave any H-1B out of the count they want.
  • Companies, if asked, must state that they dont intend to replace American citizens with H-1Bs. Of course the understaffed Department of Labor never asks them. If a company is asked that question they can claim that the H-1B worker has "specific skill sets" that cant be found among the American work force.

She said there is a regulation that requires that I may request to see a public access file that lists the H1-Bs that have been hired by my former employer. But this effort would be moot since the company does have the legal right to replace me. U.S. law sanctions replacing American engineers. She explained to me how this H1-B is really worse than we could possibly imagine.

Actually these depressing absurdities dont stop there. Here are the reasons that these H-1Bs are really indentured slaves that are exploited by American companies:

1) If the H-1B is fired or quits they will lose their work visa and will have to go back to their home country unless they can get another company to get a visa for them. An H-1B is at the mercy of the company they work for. This is great for companies that have a hard time getting Americans to work 70-hour weeks.

2) If an H1-B quits the company he or she works for, that company can sue them for "liquidated damages". They can be sued for all of the salary they earned plus monetary damages that the company says will occur as a result of losing this employee. Of course the company can come up with any arbitrary damage sum that it feels like. Is this much different from the days that slaves were flogged for running away from the plantation?

Now companies are asking that the yearly limit of 115,000 H-1Bs be raised again. This limit will never be high enough until most engineers are out of their jobs. Our economy if being subverted by congress!

Replaced AMERICAN engineer

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I am an American citizen EE working and living in Silicon Valley since 1986. Every day I see the truth of what is really going on regarding the H1-B thing. The fact is that the CEO's of Silicon Valley (and other locations in the U.S.) wish to continue making their 6 and 7 figure incomes. As an engineer I am sure you can appreciate how difficult it must be for a CEO to obtain an MBA degree compared to the relative simplicity of mastering Calculus, Physics, Diff. Eqn., Systems theory, Advanced Analog/Digital theory, RF theory, etc., etc.

I am over 40 years old and got laid off from a company in Silicon Valley last November. In the 8 months prior to my lay off I had received an outstanding annual performance review, and 2 separate "special achievement" bonuses with commendations for contribution. A year prior to my lay off I had noticed an increasing trend at that company to hiring only H1-B's for engineering positions. I began copying (xeroxing) the official "postings" on the company lunch room bulletin board for the positions that were "open". These postings are required by the Labor dept. as a formality.

An example of one of the copies I have is for a position for a Senior Modem Design Engineer Position: requirements were at least 5 years of advanced high-speed modem design and an MSEE. The stated salary being presented on the H1-B document was $42,500 per year !!!!! I still have a copy of this document and many others.

I was laid off a week before last Thanksgiving with a bunch of other American engineers. Not a single H1-B engineer was laid off. I went through hell for the next 7 months trying to find a job. It was only in June of 1999 (coincidentally the moment that the 115,000/ yr H1-B quota was filled) that I started to receive responses to the over 140 resumes I had sent out. That 7 months was one of the darkest periods of my life. I have never had to deal with such massive rejection in my field. Not even close.

Coincidentally, yesterday (Sunday) I met with a female engineer friend of mine from China who has been here since 1992. She now essentially has citizen status. She told me that she has another male engineer friend from China who has just come over here in the last year under H1-B status. Apparently, what he told her was that the company he works for requires him to work 70 hours a week, but the only are paying him for 30 hours a week. It has been made clear to him that any attempt to communicate the "strangeness" of this situation to either his supervisor or the company HR will lead to his immediately being "layed off" which means deportation within 1 week.

The irony is that my female friend originally came here under H1-B status, but now that she has passed through the hoops to become a citizen she is still being pressured by her boss to work 60 to 70 hours a week for a little over $50k. She has a Masters degree from University of Bejing, a VERY difficult university to gain access. She is very, very bright. She now resents the pressure being exerted on her by virtue of the huge influx of H1-B slave labor.

By the way, about 1 1/2 weeks ago Sen John McCain and Zoe Lofgren said that they would immediately press a bill through congress to increase the allowable number of H1-B's into the country from 115,000/year to 175,000 / year INDEFINITELY. America has the best politicians money can buy.

Doug K

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My profession is software engineer, MS Comp Eng, MS Eng.

I was hired along with some guy from Hyderabad. A few weeks later, a guy from Bangalore also sat in my (now crowded cubicle). At the close of business the next day, I was released because my "abilities and cost were above the level that the company're a good developer, but not a good debugger...". Interestingly though, the manager that fired me himself got fired a few days later (hee-hee).

My company is: client: IC production test equipment manufacturer, ~200 employees, ~$20M sales per year. I worked for a pimp that took over 50% of the bill rate, and then shorted me my per diem for my last week.

I found out that I was replaced by an H-1B was because I made $60's/hr and the Indians made $20's/hr.