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Essential H-1B Links

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Anti H-1B Heroes (Hip! Hip! Hooray!)

Huddled Masses Yearning to Write Java - Industry Standard Magazine article about the H-1B Hall of Shame
Grassroots effort wages Net war against H-1B increases - Electronic Engineering Times interviews the creator of the H-1B Petition
Norman Matloff  - The guru of H-1B and age discrimination. His paper  "Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage",  is one of the best studies on H-1B and age discrimination. He also has links to all sorts of material for the serious researcher.

Programmers Guild  - Attempting to form a guild of professional programmers. They have huge archives detailing the politics behind H-1B and why this program is destoying the scientific infrastructure in the U.S.

Numbers USA  - Send free faxes to your politicians to protest H-1B. This organization takes up all aspects of legal and illegal immigration.

Center for Immigration Studies  - Lots of useful .pdf documents.

Face Intel  - Employee abuse by Intel. Discusses how Intel misuses H-1Bs. Documents the blatant age discrimination that H-1B enables.

Getting In on H-1B  - Computerworld article that explains what H1-B is and lists the Top 20 H-1B employers.

H-1B Abuse American Style - Website authored by an H-1B who has suffered abuse by greedy American Corporations

FAIR - go here to do serious research on all aspects of H-1B and immigration

 - Wants to hear hear from people who want to be named plaintiffs or complainants in administrative complaints about H-1B abuses in several possible venues: (1) H-1B cert violation with DOL. (2) Citizenship/nationality/age discrimination against US citizens with DOJ Special Counsel. (3) Declaratory relief and injunctions in federal court. They are very short-handed, and can only consider requests from individuals who are capable of assembling the factual materials on their own: FAIR needs specific documentary evidence including complete names, locations, dates, quantifiable damages, adverse actions, etc. Rants from the disgruntled won't cut it. The abuses must not have ended more than a year ago.

Coalition For the American Cause - So far Pat Buchanan is the only presidential candidate that takes a strong stand against H-1B. Most candidates fear that Pat might bring H-1B to national attention.

American Engineering Association  - An organization for engineers that is concerned with immigration, unemployment, loss of our manufacturing base and many other professional issues. They dispute the ITAA assertion that there is a massive shortage of engineers.

Technology Employment and Engineering Manpower Newsletter - A site run by the AEA that includes engineering and information technology employment issues. Check out the "Critique of Department of Commerce Report on Shortage of IT Workers".

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  - This organization has been on the frontline of the battle against H-1B. Sometimes, though it is difficult to tell whose side they are on.

Seven Lean Years - America's New High Tech Underclass - Former NASA employee describes the despair he has suffered trying to find meaningful employment in a job market glutted by foreign workers. 
Buchanan's Internet Brigade - Buchanan opposes H-1B. See why at this site. Enter h-1b in the onsite search engine.
Making Engineers Low Priced Commodities - Dr. Unger discusses how H-1B is affecting all engineers. He is a candidate for board of directors of IEEE.
Petition to Abolish H-1B - Sign this petition to give Congress the message - NO MORE H-1B. This petition will go to Capitol Hill to give them our message.
The Coalition for the Future American Worker - This organization is on the H-1B battle lines.They help sponsor ads to inform people of the H-1B scam.
Project USA - a group that wants mass immigration to be controlled
NPR Talk of the Nation on 9/26/2000. Host Juan Williams hosts a discussion where John Miano of the Programmers guild takes on Harris Miller on the H-1B issue. This is a Real Audio clip.
NPR on  "All Things Considered",  May 12, 1998. Gene Nelson and others debate the  legislative background that led to the doubling of H-1B. Nelson talks explains why H-1b leads to age discrimination. Real Audio sound clip.
VDARE is an interesting collection of writings about immigration and H-1B. 
Americans For Better Immigration have an excellent resource online to see the H-1B voting records of our politicans. They grade each politician and show their voting records. Consider this site a must to see where your representatives stand on immigration issues.
Alarming Statistics from The Nebraska Service Center says that 32% of the educational documents and 74% of the experience letters for H1B Petitions from Indian candidates to be fraudulent.
SoftPac was the original H-1B activist site. Larry Richards battled H-1B in the early days and inspired the H-1B Hall of Shame. See the LCA that he got apporved from the DOL for 20 programmers for $5 an hour.
Importing Foreign High Tech Workers: H-1B -- Pay 'em less, and the heck with older U.S. workers. The title says it all.


Pro H-1B Enemies (Boo!!! Hissss!!!)

India H1B Visa Holders' Corner - Everything you need to know to become an H-1B including Richest Immigrants in the US, Getting your driving permit, Buying a Car and House, Medical Insurance, FAQ on Certifications, History of Indians in US
Get Your Visa Online - You can get an H-1B visa online for $1350
Rajiv S. Khanna   - An H-1B lawyer who probably is very rich by now. This is actually a very good source of  legal information regarding non-immigrant visas.
U.S. State Department  - Tips for H-1Bs and other temporary workers. Our government Shamelessly at work spending our tax dollars. Shame on Them!
Proposed DOL H-1B Regulations - If you enjoy studying detailed government legal documents this one is for you.
Y-Axis  - They claim they are the " World's Most Favorite H-1B Community." 
American Immigration Network - Do it yourself kits for H-1B, L-1, and K-1 visas
Immigration Lawyer Joel Stewart - Gives legal advice on how to reject Americans in favor of H-1Bs. He says "even in a depressed economy, employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. workers who apply."
Visa Jobs by Mr. Lorenzo M. Lleras, Attorney at Law.  Online database of jobs that are available for H-1Bs, not U.S. citizens. The database on this site restricts access to most of their data to educational and employment agencies. The "H-1B Hall of Shame" database is completely open to everybody. This site provides a link to ShameH1B that brings a lot of people here. For that I thank them.
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) - helped create the "desperate shortage of technical workers" myth. President Harris Miller is one of the criminals of the H-1B fiasco.
Visa Jobs - Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine. More people link to my site from here than anywhere else. Lots of legal information on work visas.
Immigration Permit for University Degree Professions - Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick has all sorts of useful advice on how to get work visas for any career you can think of.
Immigration Law Center - Assistance in processing permanent and temporary visas
ABA Trying to Limit H-1B Lawyers - These hypocrites don't mind H-1B as long as it is for everybody else. Immigration lawyers are into the big money, and they want to keep it that way without foreign lawyers getting in on the action.
GetUSAVisa is run by the Law Offices of James Scott Yoh. They are immigration lawyers that claim they will assist anyone who has problems or issues concerning immigration law, visa, and naturalization process (citizenship). 
H-1B Sponsors has an depressingly large list of U.S. companies that sponsor H-1B Visas in IT and NON IT fields 



Workforce Needs in Information Technology  - Do you think there is a shortage of IT workers? What do you think about H-1B? The National Academy of Sciences would like your opinion. They are asking IT professionals to enter their opinions online. The purpose of this study is to establish a common base for national discussions on such issues, which include matters related to immigration, the use of foreign talent, and career paths of older workers in these fields.

Enforcement of  H-1B Labor Condition Applications  - a huge document that descibes the DOL enforcement procedure for LCAs.
Labor Condition Applications & Requirements for Employers  is a another huge government guide to the LCA.
Public access; retention of records - Describes how employers must put their LCAs in a public place.
I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker - The Immigration and Naturalization Service uses the I-129 in a similar fashion as the LCA.