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28 Nov 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Thanks

Hey just a quick note to let you know your endeavors in maintaining this page are appreciated here in Alaska.

The more I search through your website I find myself growing just a little more disappointed in our government...and just when things are at their worst with this election problem. None the less rest assured several of Alaskan will be communicating our points of interest to our senators and congress people here in Alaska. Fun we vote them yet this was the first I had heard of this H-1B. 

Currently I am attempting to get sanctioned through the small business administration here in Anchorage as an 8a. category for Department of Defense contractor. Can you spell the words Male & Caucasian and still expect to receive a fair shot at the job market. Didn't think so. Check out URL: http://www.pronet.sba.gov and see what they offer the good old American worker. Not too much. 

Troy T.

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27 Nov 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)A Voice of Support

I can't tell you how pleased I am that you cared enough to put up this site. It takes a lot of guts, to say nothing of time, money, & energies to take a solid stand on this topic. You are to be highly commended for your continuing effort.

Those who don't believe that foreign labor is having a negative impact on the people of this country are in for a most rude awakening. A major newspaper in Texas was today carrying a story regarding the use of H-2B visas for laborers & other low-tech workers. One segment of that report dealt with a firm in Texas who was having difficulty finding enough workers for their meat-packing facility. They currently employ some 700 workers compensated at the rate of $5.62/hr. The party being interviewed went on to say, most happily, that now they're having great luck thanks to the H-2B visa program getting new workers from Mexico - to continue paying $5.62/hr.

Regardless of whether it's H-1B, H-2B, or some other visa program, we desperately need more Americans to speak out and become involved. I cannot speak for any other profession other than I/T. In the I/T profession, there is no shortage if I/T workers. What there is a shortage of are companies who are willing to pay a wage commensurate with the level of expertise and knowledge required to develop proper I/T solutions.

Much has been written about the level of education foreign labor coming in under the H-1B program has. Education is only the first step in becoming a true I/T professional. A group of 24-28 year olds coming in under H-1B typically are seriously lacking in depth. Learning what I/T solutions work, what don't, & why are primarily obtained thru many years of experience in addition to education. A great many of you entrust your investments to professional investors to manage; persons of depth, education, & knowledge. Would you want to turn those same investments over to someone fresh out of school with six-months experience? The answer is obvious. Why then is it any more sane to systematically remove seasoned I/T professionals in favor of green talent? Keep in mind the companies that are doing this are likely some of the same ones you may have invested in thru mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.

Long term success in any business does not come about by just hiring the cheapest. There's more at stake here than just your job; as if that wasn't enough! Become an active voice to bring about change; it's your future!

Steve Richardson

You are very correct that it doesn't matter if the visa is an H-1B, H-2B or any other name, they are all visas that are importing workers to take our jobs for lower salaries. Originally the focus on this web site was to be H-1B. There are so many types of work visas that I have decided to add information on work visas in general. 
H-1B Hall of Shame

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25 Nov 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I appreciate some portions of your message. But all things you mention are not correct.

H1b Program doesn't take jobs from Americans, instead it pumps in lots of money into US economy and make sure that the companies are not relocated. Just think if there is no H1B Program , all these companies have to open their offices in other countries to get work done and once they taste the labour rates in those developing countries they might move all the operation to those countries. Another thing for displacing old American workers in favour of Aliens in not true. If you consider Technology Industry imagine how many students in US are getting exposed to Latest Technologies ? The education system has to change here .There should be lot of Govt. funded Institutions that offer these courses at very minimum expensive level. But I do not see this at all even Immigration fees are increased. So when the technology is changing rapidly and the employees are not ready to adopt those new technologies very quickly then you see such things. Govt. should not encourage donation by companies to political parties.

I have very bad news for you - most major companies have software development shops in India right now. The only reason they don't ship all of their operations there is that software is very tough to develop in a remote location from the corporate offices. Companies such as Microsoft use the threat of moving overseas in order to scare our government into increasing H-1B. This threat is very hollow and will not sway American workers who are being threatened by H-1B.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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18 Nov 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)How is a company caught and fined abusing H-1B

I have seen several postings on various sites about different companies getting caught underpaying H-1Bs. How are they caught? Who brings the  charges? Who levies the fine? Can third parties report abuses? And where?

The reason I ask these questions is because like it or not the H-1Bs are coming and they are coming for one reason only and that is because they are cheaper. Writing Congress may help. But I think it's going to have to get pretty bad first before Congress acts. I have been writing Congress weekly and have sent some of the TV news shows links to various sites hoping they will cover this issue.

If there is a way that you know of or others know of to raise the costs of hiring H-1Bs and make them just as expensive as American IT workers. At least then it would be a level playing field. Pitting an American's work experience against a H-1B's work experience. If that is the case then at least the most qualified will get the job and hopefully pay rates will stay high. 

Gene, Atlanta, GA

There have been very few successful wage dispute cases against companies that exploit H-1Bs. In every case I am familiar with, it was the H-1B that filed a complaint with either INS or DOL. It would be extremely difficult for a third party to win in these situations without the cooperation of the H-1B, and that doesn't happen too often.

You would need to know a few things to even have a chance of the DOL listening to you. You would have to know the prevailing wage that was on the LCA, the job category, and the salary the H-1B is earning. You would then have to prove that the company in question is paying below prevailing wages. Since prevailing wages are whatever the company says it is, you can see how difficult it is to win this argument. Even if you have all of these pieces of evidence, you will be contacting two agencies that are woefully understaffed and get far more cases to investigate than they can possibly handle.

You are correct that companies are at the H-1B feeding trough because they can hire them cheaper and they can be reasonably sure the H-1B won't leave them for at least six years. Companies save so much money by hiring H-1Bs that the only way to stop this monster is through legal action or lawsuits. It's very tough to file lawsuits against  huge companies that can hire the richest, most powerful lawyers. Changing H-1B will not happen until the public demands it. So far the American public doesn't know about H-1B or they don't care.

I asked an H-1B expert at the DOL your question and here is their answer:

We have received complaints and set up investigations on allegations from U.S. workers that the H-1B workers were being paid less than the U.S.  workers or (in other words) that the H-1B workers were paid less than the actual wage. But we were unable to prove that so those complaints were not "successful". The only successful attempts have been when H-1B workers complain about pay problems as being too low.

The employer is required to pay the prevailing wage for comparable services in his own firm or in the surrounding labor market, whichever is higher. Ipso facto, any employer is violating his wage attestation if he pays the H-1B less than the average wage for comparable services in the firm itself (since that's the minimum permissible wage). Cases are harder to document when the employer pays both H-1Bs and comparable US workers the same wage, but that figure is less than the prevailing wage for the surrounding labor market.

Obviously, such facts are only one component of the equation. Laws are rendered impotent by failure to provide sufficient funds to enforce them. It's a time-honored tradition to pass laws that look great on the books ("we passed ... to protect your interests"), then deny funds for their enforcement.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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30 Oct 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)question about your database

I have a question about your H-1B database. When I do a search, the "pay rate" column always contains the value "A"? What does this mean? What are the other possible values?

Also, I know of companies in my area that employ H-1B visa workers but do not appear in your database. How can I get information about what these individual companies pay their H-1B employees?

-Maurice Martin

These are such good questions I decided to make a Database Tutorial to answer questions like this. Also be sure to check out the FAQs and the letters on this page for more information.

There are two ways you can find out the pay of these companies. The H-1B law says that companies are required to disclose wages and other information about their H-1Bs to anyone that requests it. Unfortunately most companies won't and this law isn't enforced. Your other option is to call the H-1B division of DOL in Washington D.C. and ask for the information. They are usually cooperative if you ask them for specific information. If they don't cooperate you will need to send them Freedom of Information Request. The phone number is 202-693-2952.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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30 Oct 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I got a good laugh from the feedback from the self-professed 49 year-old H1-B who stated flatly that age doesn't matter. Of course it doesn't matter for HIM - he's an H1-B, so he's definitely indentured, and probably lower-paid than an American of the same age would have been, had he not been displaced by this person. If I were looking to cut my labor costs unethically (i.e.. at the expense of American I/T workers) I might hire a 49 year-old H1-B to replace a YOUNGER American, too. I wouldn't NEED to discriminate on AGE, just on national origin! 

Russ in Boston, MA

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26 Oct 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)The H-1B program is a good example of many sides of the American economic, political and social life and it is worth examining. At the same time, it is not the intent of this letter to discuss positive and negative sides of the program.

The Class Struggle
While many Americans believe that the class struggle
and warfare is a thing of the past, it is clearly not. When software companies raise programmers’ salaries, it cuts into their profits and hurts owners/shareholders. It may be difficult for the software companies to pass increased costs on to customers. Thus, wealth is redistributed as a bigger slice of the pie goes to employees (proletarians) leaving less for shareholders (capitalists). Capitalists resist this redistribution of wealth by trying to increase supply of technology workers. The latter, on their part, try to limit the competition from foreigners that is threatening their livelihood. This behavior on both sides (pursuit of self interest) is entirely consistent with Capitalism and is the Class Struggle, pure and simple. 

Programmers are no Teamsters
The employers are clearly winning the fight, at least
for now. They have more money and are better organized. Programmers, on the other hand, are not well organized. To most people an idea of a programmers’ trade union would seem ridiculous. All they can do is write complaining letters to their congress people and senators and gripe about it on the Internet. Their letters and griping are mostly ignored because they do not represent a cohesive force. 

Of course, programmers are not exactly like the blue-collar workers. First, they usually work in smaller groups or alone. Second, many of them are upwardly mobile. They join the management ranks, are given stocks and profit participation. The border between capitalists and proletarians is blurred. Programmers, unlike blue-collar workers, have little class conscience. Thus, programmers are unlikely to get organized and represent a strong force ready to take on the employers.

The practical conclusion would be that all programmers should strive to become managers/shareholders. If you can’t beat them, join them. 

The Political Process
Congress passed the latest H-1B increase with an
overwhelming majority. Apparently, most senators and congress people did not care that the majority of Americans were opposed to the increased immigration. No surprise there. A minority that is strong, well organized and well financed usually beats a disorganized and nebulous majority. The H-1B immigration does not affect most middle class Americans and is not high on their agenda. It is high on the programmers’ agenda but they lack the political power. 

Senators and congress people are after all just people. They pursue their own self-interest, which is to side with those who have power and money. They may also believe that the H-1B increase is positive for the economy (after all, there are plenty of arguments both for and against the H1-B increase).

Victims of Their Own Success
American programmers created the best programming
languages of the world, which crushed competing programming languages in other countries. Today, programmers from Beijing to Bombay to Moscow use C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc. American software companies as well as programmers have benefited from selling software to foreigners. As a result, foreigners are ready to replace Americans. No pain, no gain. Please, have some compassion! People coming to the U.S. mostly come from poor countries. For them, it is the only chance to have a better life. They come to America to work, not to partake of a public largess. They make some Americans worse off but the plight of an American programmer denied a raise because of foreigners is nothing in comparison with the plight of billions of people in  the poor world. Be good Christians and share the wealth!

Alexander Nevsky

Your views on the class struggle in America is quite valid. Most of the American working public still has not  faced the reality that they are the proletarians and they compete directly with capitalists. 

I understand your call to share the wealth. I think most Americans are willing to share the wealth of this country by letting a controlled number of immigrants to live here. On the other hand, the idea of worked based visas to cut labor costs is repugnant and counter to our American ideals.    [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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26 Oct 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)While all this is pretty convincing, and it is clear that most of the horror H1B stories are true, I am still sure that an American who loses his job to an H1B worker is just who he is - a loser. All the crap regarding ageism - I just don't believe it either. I am 49, I got my H1B in 1998, and I just don't believe that age counts. If you've become slow, stupid, rigid - this definitely counts in this always moving area of software development. One has to learn all his life, that's it. As a friend of mine, a Japanese, says, Americans are lazy. I partially agree with him.

Thank you,
Vladimir Patryshev
from Silicon Valley (originally from Russia, as you could guess)

I am always willing to print letters like this one. The American public needs to see that many H-1Bs are arrogant, racist fools who have nothing but contempt for the U.S. and its citizens. What I can't understand is why we are putting Americans out of work in order to employ these ilk.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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19 Oct 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)The site is informative.

I know a person who has applied for H1B visa but has not yet got the visa and is working for a long time here now.

What can I do about this illegal alien worker. How can I approach INS.

Thanks for the reply

The alien might be here on some other kind of visa. There are many loopholes that employers can use to hire aliens while still in the process of getting the H-1B visa. I would recommend calling the H-1B Office at the Department of Labor in Washington D.C. at 202-693-3010. There are several letters here discussing similar situations so study them.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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29 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Thank you so much for your web site. It is amazing that no-one in the mainstream media does an analysis of the H-1B program or questions the premises of the supposed high tech shortage. It amazes me that in this era of "free markets" that no one questions how it can be that their would be such an acute shortage of technology workers as the media and technology companies claim. After all, if their really was such a dramatic shortage, wages would be rising dramatically and companies would be searching throughout the United States to find qualified people. The higher wages would induce more people to enter high tech fields and the "shortage" would be resolved. Yet wages are not significantly increasing - certainly not as much as one would expect if their really were hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions. Also, I recently graduated from an East Coast engineering school and much to my surprise no West Coast companies such as Intel, Cisco Sytems, AMD, Cadence, or National Semiconductor bothered to recruit there. India and China are not too far to go to recruit but apparently New York is. 

To anyone who has followed this issue closely it is obvious what is going on here and what a lie the "shortage" of high tech workers really is. There is no shortage of high tech workers - only a shortage of cheap and indentured high tech workers. This point was illustrated brilliantly yesterday when I read the following in an article entitled "So many IT jobs, so few takers" :

" One reason for the shortage is the high salary demands. 'If you're willing to pay market rate, you can find people' said Pete Georgiadis, founder and CEO of eBlast Ventures, a company that funds and builds technology firms. 'The issue is if you're budget-constrained, you can't get the people you want'. "

Well I guess that explains why Intel, Microsoft and Cisco have to look overseas for technical help - they are "budget constrained". I really hope that people wake up to this issue before the technical fields are denuded of Americans.

Keep up the good work and let me know what I can do to help.

Dan      New York

You can help by telling a friend about this website.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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20 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Web Site is informative and shocking

I really enjoy visiting your web site. I don't know which I enjoy visiting most. Skunks.org is terrific! Finally a place to see where these organizations who fail to support US workers and show their true anti-American feelings can instantly be found. How incredibly clever of you to name this site Skunks. for indeed those nominated certainly fit that smelly category. It is amazing how these groups will refuse to stand up for American educated citizens who simply want the right to work in their own country. These groups are so quick to label US workers as anti-immigration when the truth of the matter is that US workers believe that the working field should be fair to all workers and not a selected class of cheap imported workers under national policies bought for with the best that corporate funds can buy.

My other two favorite sites to visit are Horror Stories (it is wonderful to know that my friends, family, technical peers, and I are NOT alone in this abuse of 21st Century working environment); and Feedback (it is great to get input from others throughout the USA and India about their views and problems with US immigration procedures, hostile work environments, etc and to see the postings of US managers who when finally asked to come forward with their employment needs suddenly disappear from any future postings.)

What is amazing is that you have been able to do this all without being paid by some organization to provide this public service. It amazes me that so many other organizations could have and should have been providing this shocking information to its members during the past decade but never bothered to do so. Here you are providing this terrific public service and so creatively.

Keep up the excellent work! The public needs this information!

A Fan of the Shame-H-1B site who has been victimized by the H-1B program through job loss, barred from applying for work, and wage reductions throughout the past ten years.

I don't get paid, but I'm sure having fun.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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20 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Every time a Company Announces Layoffs or Mergers I check their H-1B Recruitments

Your web site has proven to be invaluable in locating information at the local and national level regarding corporate hirings of H-1B cheap labor while doing massive layoffs of skilled US technical professionals.

This summer I learned of two companies in my impoverished state with one of the lowest economic development growth rates, high unemployment, frequent downsizings, and massive migrations OUT of the state of New Mexico.

Two companies were in the news this summer. One, Philips Semiconductor has been begging for public handouts from the city of Albuquerque to keep its current workforce in place in New Mexico. This company got a public bond handout in 1995 and apparently failed to live up to its promises of increasing employment during the prior five years. (ie 1995 through 2000) According to newspaper reports, this company actually "lost some 500" jobs during this period it was accepting public monies to add jobs. Once again Philips Semiconductor has turned to the public money machine and told the city fathers/mothers that if the city doesn't give it another bond this time for $400,000,000 it will take jobs in New Mexico out of state.

I was curious about this company that in a booming economy has to look for public handouts to survive. So I turned to the ShameH-1B web site and discovered that while the company was firing some 500 workers it was also importing cheap H-1B labor. Interesting.

Amazingly, when I presented this information to the local print and electronic media in the area not one alleged news agency was interested in reporting this bizarre arrangement where current workers are fired while folks are brought in under the claim of a "shortage" of workers.

Maybe a journalist reading this web site can explain how it is that this kind of scandal is over looked even with the facts handed to the media on a silver platter ---- or in this case a world class, searchable, government data base of information which is objective. I would also like to challenge any investigative reporters to inquiry as to why this national scandal has received almost no media coverage during the past decade. There are certainly plenty of victims of the H-1B program willing to talk to journalists who are interested in an in-depth report on this national disgrace.

ShameH1B is also puzzled that the media takes so little interest in this scandal. I have been interviewed by an H-1B reporter before. Could this explain part of the problem? The newspapers have many H-1Bs working on their staffs and have a special interest in not cutting the hand that feeds it.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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09 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Shocking Wow! What a database!

As a 40 year old chemical engineer I have felt the sting of H1B hiring. Your database brings home some real facts - companies I have worked for are paying bottom dollar for for H1Bs.

I also surfed Novell, Qwest, and US West. These companies recently laid off large numbers of employees. I note from your database that they had hired a large number of H1Bs. Question - Did Novell and Qwest ditch the H1Bs first, or do the H1Bs still have a job? Very very shocking.

Jeff K. Smith, P.E.

Joe Nacchio, the new hatchet man CEO at Qwest, has stated his desire to drive away older employees and to increase profit per employee. With that in mind I think having a huge workforce of indentured slaves fits right in with his vision.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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06 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)For those curious about managers seeking workers 

During the past several months this site has included statements from persons identifying themselves as managers who have been unable to find programmers to fill their needs. I suggested that they not be shy and come forward and ask about hiring the American workers who have the skills, education, dedication, and drive to be loyal and productive workers who frequent this site. Since that posting there has been ZERO responses from managers. Why? Suddenly you are offered the opportunity to contact hundreds or thousands of highly qualified and talented American professionals and you are now deafeningly silent. You weren't silent when you claimed you were unable to find any US workers WILLING to work for your firms and thus were justified in seeking H-1Bs. Where or where have you gone Mr. and/or Ms. Manager who is in dire need of skilled, educated workers? 

Also, Mr. Perez posted this summer that US schools were begging for teachers and specifically bilingual education teachers in English/Spanish. Where has he gone? I requested that he provide information of SPECIFIC schools that were actually hiring teachers but he has remained silent. I can only assume that his silence means that he doesn't know of any specific schools that are actually hiring but he was only retelling stories of woe and worry drummed up by the "chicken littles" that the US doesn't have enough workers to meet its corporate or educational needs.

For the visitors to this site --- since my postings requesting managers and Mr. Perez provide this information no job vacancies information has been forthcoming from ANY manager nor any public educational instititution. Now, don't you think that if there REALLY was a dire need for workers that ONE job opening would have been provided by ONE employer anywhere in the USA?

PhD in Physics

This site has never received an offer by these HR managers to review the resumes of  anybody else that is having a tough time finding a job. This must be because they are merely shilling for cheap H-1Bs and they are not interested in American workers.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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05 Sep 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Is it possible to determine how many FASHION MODEL visas  are given under H1-B in a year? I do appreciate your efforts!

Jim McDonald

In theory it is possible to determine how many fashion model visas are given, but not from this database. Remember an LCA is an application. Once it's approved it is sent to the INS. There is no way to know how many of these LCAs resulted in actual visas from this database. There is a possibility that this could be determined from the INS I-129 database. 

Go to the Visa Database and do a category search for Sales, Fashion Models. There are many fashion model LCAs. Isn't it very interesting that the U.S. has such a huge shortage of good looking women?   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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23 Aug 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)In your study of the so-called "protections" for American workers, you state that often the H1-B is already working for the employer before the LCA is filed. Is that legal? What would be the likely visa status of such an individual at the time of hiring - student visa, perhaps?

Russ Ghull

There are so many loopholes in the so-called protections in the law that it is unlikely that the DOL would ever take action against  a company for this. There are much worse abuses of H-1B occurring.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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13 Aug 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)LCA Database

Your LCA database has been updated twice since 6/9/00, but I couldn't find any year 2000 petitions? All I can find is older cases. Anything wrong?

Thank you, Henry 

The data you see online was taken from the DOL computer on January 2000.  They were very backlogged and didn't have LCA entries past March of 1999.  I have periodically added more records to the online database and that is what I refer to as "updates". I now have almost 1/3 of the million LCAs that I obtained from the DOL. I will be obtaining more recent data and will put it online, hopefully soon. 

The DOL recently told me that they are being deluged with LCAs and simply can't keep up with them. Many are not being entered into the computer; they are just approved and passed to INS.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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10 Aug 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)H-1B database. Modis, Inc. sure does show a lot of LCA's (1,500+). Do you think its correct??

thanks  joe mcdonald

Assuming the DOL entered the data correctly, and that is the one thing we can never know for sure, you are observing a corporate behavior called "banking". Companies submit an enormous amount of LCAs so that they can cover future needs. Of course the law says that H-1Bs are to be used to fill empty spots. Obviously banking is another method used to abuse the law.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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6 Aug 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)H-1B deportations ?

I'm currently working with a truly incompetent H-1B (Oracle DBA) who has been hiding information and has caused the dismissal of one American contractor and another American employee of the firm !

If there are no laws directly protecting American workers are there less direct approaches to take ? This 'guest worker' has fairly casual attitude toward motor vehicle laws. She's had two recent speeding tickets the 2nd of which was while driving and unregistered car.

She's hasn't documented anything and won't grant the authorizations that her back-ups need to do their jobs. She then goes on vacation leaving the rest of us holding the bag. Needless to say there have been problems in her absence and the last two people to work with her were fired because she told management they were incompetent when they simply had no ability to do the job.

Given this situation isn't it reasonable to use any approach necessary to remove this nuisance and protect American jobs ? Is there an agency that would be interested in this 'outstanding workers' disregard for our laws ? 

You won't find any government agency that will be able to remove this H-1B because there simply is no requirement in the law that an H-1B has to be competent. Your suggestion to use less direct methods probably won't work either, unless you can convince your employer to fire the H-1B. See the letter that follows this one for more on this issue.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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4 Aug 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Revoke H1B Status??? 

Have reviewed your and the INS sites and found no way to help get an H1b status revoked! There MUST be some method/procedure that individuals who read your site can use to report abuses. There are a number of H1b's that are incompetent, do not perform their jobs properly and have started their own businesses. These definitely are not in the "spirit" of the law let alone legal. 

We might have some effect on this law if we challenge one individual to the INS at a time. Friendly politicians can even point to these complaints as examples in their efforts to get rid of the H1b status. 

How do we challenge an H1b//H4 employee????? 

Jack Koch 

The "spirit" of the law allows U.S. companies to hire H-1Bs regardless of their competency. The politicians who wrote the law say that H-1B is to be used to bring in the best and the brightest This rhetoric is used to fool Americans about the real intention of H-1B; it is an indentured servitude subsidy for greedy corporations thirsty for cheap, young blood. 

Just recently some H-1Bs working for the I.R.S. were fired because their employer violated the law. This is very rare because Replacing Americans with H-1Bs is totally legal!!!

The letter below has some good suggestions on how to fight H-1B.
[H-1B Hall of Shame]

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30 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)H-1B - What to do 

Corporate America might fund the political campaigns of our elected officials but remember it's the PEOPLE that voted them into office. 

If the politicians continue to support a H-1B increase we should work to UNSEAT them in the election. All we need are a dedicated group of individuals that will come together achieve this end. 

By handing out fliers and doing mass mailings against these politicians we can expect to reach a large percentage of the electorate. 

Once the American public come to know that their jobs and those of their friends are at stake, they will come out in large numbers to vote against the officials that support H-1B 

And believe me, any official that knows he/she might be out of office will change his/her tune very quickly. 

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30 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Can you post this without using my full name? Since I'm currently looking, and looking, and looking, for a full-time job, I don't want to be "black-balled" as a trouble-maker because I'm opposed to H1-B visas. I've written to my Senators and a couple of reps from my state. I've told them I've had trouble finding work, and I oppose the expansion of H1-B because it will make it even harder for me, and other older workers, to keep our I/T careers going. I know that aides handle this mail; the rep's don't read any of it themselves. But you'd think they could at least spend a couple of minutes to respond the specifics of my letters. A short condolence on my employment situation would be nice, or at least an acknowledgement of the plight to which H1-B has exposed American workers. But no, they don't even bother with that. I get the same form letters, saying how there is "near universal" recognition of a high-tech worker "shortage". One rep says "one out of 11 production jobs in (our state) is vacant." I asked what "production workers" has to do with the purported intent of H1-B. Naturally, I got ANOTHER form letter, thanking me for writing on this "important issue" and assuring me that I am "free" to correspond with this Congressman at any time. For what - another form letter? (Sign me) "Russ" from Boston, MA

Go to the Library to see more of these form letters from our Shameless politicians.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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28 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I just wanted to ask you if you are aware that hundred of Hispanic  children (both illegal and legal that are considered LEP Limited English Proficient) do no have teachers in their classroom because there are no bilingual teachers? So would you rather have their lives ruined because they can not understand what some substitute teacher is saying? O even worse been crammed into a classroom with 45 other children. If you are bilingual and want to work go to any southern state and you will have a job as a bilingual teacher. That is why ISD are hiring people abroad...not because they pay them less but because there is a tremendous shortage of teachers. In the midtime let the INS approve visas for teachers since not many in this country want to teach. I am sorry but I think that you should do something more productive than to take on  115,000 qualified aliens that come here for a maximum of 6 years.

Walter S. Pérez 

I am Hispanic and sympathize with your cause to improve the education of Spanish speaking children. I also sympathize with the Hispanic and Latino U.S. citizens that need jobs and can't because low paid H-1Bs are cutting them out of the job market. Let's use our own Latinos to teach or to be a translator.

Local governments don't want to pay teachers a living salary and they are using the shortage argument to hire H-1Bs. Our government would love to destroy the Teacher's unions so that they don't have to pay teachers higher salaries. Why don't you triple the salaries at your school and see how long the shortage lasts?

Don't forget that the ITAA, a lobby group presided by Harris Miller, manufactured the statistics on worker shortages. Miller got his start by bringing in Braceros to bust up Cesar Chavez's union efforts. Now he is doing it to white collar workers. 

Check out "Regarding Perez", a letter by a PhD in Physics that disagrees with your teacher shortage theory.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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24 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Our Protest Letters to H-1B 

I wrote a letter to both of our Senators (California), to our local congressman, to the President and his wife, Vice President and his wife in which I expressed my strong protest against proposed H-1B increase as well as to this program at all. This letter was also sent by the members of my family and many of my friends. The only positive response I got from my local congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) which sent us letters expressing strong opposition to H-1B. Today we got 3 letters from U. S. Department of Labor signed by Dale M. Ziegler (Chief of Foreign Labor Certifications) where he thanks us for our letter "...to President Clinton supporting an increase in the cap on the number of temporary foreign 'professional' workers admitted to the U.S. each year on H-1B visas has been referred to this office for a reply." This is
outrageous! We have only 234 signatures to the Petition to abolish the H-1B but officials think even this is too much. They are manipulating our names and lie! You mentioned several times that congressmen keep on saying that they have not heard any voices against H-1B. Now we can see how.

Sincerely, Vladimir Gender

Your Letter To Clinton and the response are posted in the Library. Clinton's administration didn't even care that you opposed H-1B, they sent you a form letter that thanked you for supporting the Clinton increase in the H-1B quota. 
H-1B Hall of Shame

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19 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Questions about the H1-B database

What is the size of the database? In what format did the Dept of Labor supply the information? 

I am considering an EEOC complaint against Compaq and am considering the possibility of setting up a database so that I can print out reports for the complaint. 

Paul Ortega 

The database that I have online contains over 615,000 LCAs. The entire database sent to me has about 1 million. The DOL gave me the data as a Paradox relational database. I had to convert it to a Microsoft Access database to work on my site. There is a lot of data in the database that I don't put online because of privacy concerns and because I don't want to clutter the web page.

Make sure you have studied H-1B before filing a complaint. It is wise to know thy enemy.

It is 100% legal to fire an American and replace him with an H-1B. Read the law and you will see that they allow this to occur and provide huge loopholes for companies to avoid lawsuits. Listen to the politicians talk about charging more for the visas so that training funds could be provided for the displaced Americans. They admit the Americans can be replaced if they don't have the proper skills, a very nice loophole that can always be proved.


[H-1B Hall of Shame]

Here is a letter that I received that may be of help to you:

Filing an EEOC discrimination action

27 Jul 2000

Don't wait too long before filing your complaint with the EEOC. Your window of opportunity is extremely limited. In most areas it is under six months time from the date the injury occurred. See if you can find a very interested and willing EEOC case officer. Many of the EEOC investigators are unwilling to commit to another case and therefore may not take your case seriously. Before submitting your complaint to the EEOC office find out what specific information EEOC will accept as evidence of the discriminatory actions that took place. Depending upon the skills and interest of the EEOC case investigator into your problems you might find that while the legal standard of the harm done is of course the same --- what the investigator will accept may be a much higher expectation than is really necessary. Ask the local EEOC office if other complaints have been filed against this company and check with other regional EEOC offices to see if they have handled complaints of this nature against the problem firm. The EEOC investigator has an INCREDIBLE amount of power to conduct an investigation into your complaint and you will be permitted to see a copy of that report. 

Someone who has worked on EEOC issues before

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19 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I have browsed most of your site and I found no reference for L-1 visas, which I assume, are so few they don't even show in the general statistics. L-1 is an inter-company transfer, i.e. a company that has offices overseas, sponsors an individual to come to work to the US. Since there is no need for labor certification, green cards can be obtained within one year, as opposed to five with the H-1 procedure. 

I came to the US five years ago and have worked for three different companies so far. I have found that very many citizens are not well prepared to fight the battle against immigrants, mainly because of lack of focus, let me give you an example: in the high tech industry, immigrants spend four to five years studying high tech related careers, while non-immigrants study music, biology, poetry, philosophy, etc., which is not bad, but they still want to work in the high tech industry because salaries are very high. It is not a matter of comparing the MIT with Bombay University; Im sure every single MIT student has a guaranteed seat anywhere they want to work; can you say the same about people graduating from De Anza College, for instance? 

Finally, I have to agree that using a non-sarcastic tone and a more proper verbiage in your comments, supports a more respectful point of view and has a better, long standing impact. Of course, its your site. 


Eventually I intend to address all immigrant based visas. Currently H-1B is the largest so I have focused on that. Since you mentioned L1 I decided to add a Visa List to mention some of the major work visas that are currently being used.

My sarcastic tone has been criticized before.  Being rude is so much more fun than being scholarly!   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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18 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)What Can We Do?

I was reading your horror stories and feedbacks. I can tell you that there are anyway a lot of respectable H1B. I have a couple in my company and their salary is way high that mine, but they are worth their salary. At the same time I agree in saying that there are many abuses. Big company cannot abuse just because they have "big" names. The story about that lobbyist guy in Hotmail is really scaring.

Has the Microsoft HR department been informed ? Can you send that to them? Can you start sending each story to the HR department of the corresponding company and a CC to the INS and Department of labor?

H1B are useful, but abusing is the biggest crime against us.

Vincent Brown

Big companies do abuse the H-1B system but they aren't the only ones. All types of employers are dipping into this cheap labor source in order to reduce costs. The DOL doesn't enforce the weak protections in the bill, and unscrupulous employers know they can get away with fraud.

There is nothing Microsoft would learn from this web site. Microsoft is one of the largest employers of H-1Bs and they pay big money lawyers to lobby for more H-1Bs with less protections for American employees.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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18 Jul 2000 

 Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I would like to bring something to light that misses the eye of the Americans policy makers. I'm an Electrical Engineer from India. I studied all my life in India in the schools & Colleges at Bangalore. I was one of the more fortunate child to afford to go to a school for which my parents paid fees every month. 99.8% of the schools in India are private/public schools to which students pay fees & huge donations. The less privileged go to the government schools called free schools. It is a normally understood fact that the coaching on math science & other classes is much better in the private/public schools. But even these so called better schools lack modern teaching equipments like a computer or a TV/VCR even at the high school level. The result is that those who seek a job after school end up being second division clerks/maintenance people etc. So the children are encouraged to go to college. 

The scenario is no different in an Engineering college. You are prescribed big fat text books for every class & asked to read & read & read & do all the problems using your own two hands & calculator when the students in the US pursuing the same course are exposed to the modern software tools that can solve a complex problem in a matter of a few seconds. Hence the students in US are already several steps ahead of their Indian counterparts. Once out of an Engineering college with a degree in India 2 out of 70 graduates might end up with an engineering job. So the rest of them are left to fend for themselves, hence they go on to do advanced studies or pay huge fees to computer schools & train themselves in the operation of computers hoping that one day they might get a job in America. 

So if the US companies disqualify an American Engineer saying that he/she is less skilled or less qualified then I can swear that they are lying only to save 10,000$ or 15000$. That is exactly how much a company might save on salary by hiring a H1-B instead of an American Engineer. Come to think of this Can you imagine how much an American Engineer might have spent as a student in tuition fees, books, boarding & lodging etc in order to become what he/she is? 

All over the world people spend money to educate themselves thinking that they are making a investment of time & money for life , but if that investment is not going to bring any returns to the American citizens then all Universities in the US might as well close shop here & try to open shop in the III world countries. That way the US can see to it that all the US children & Old ( Since these are the categories that do not contribute to the economic development of the country & are liabilities to the American society) move to III world countries where it is less expensive to maintain a university & to live in the U.S,Course fee for 3 semester hours=15$U.S) & all adults capable of working in the US can move to the US (Mass exodus of the HUMAN beings). 

Can you imagine the US being filled only wit! h Adults between the ages of 24 & 45? Is this what our policy makers determine to make of this beautiful country ? a country having only 2 categories the company owners & the laborers? Because if you provide an opportunity to a foreigner that which was denied for a citizen then it not only contests the principles on which a secular society such as this was formed but it also accounts for treason & breech of trust & faith that a citizen vested in the country. Then Don't complain about drug problem, child abuse teen pregnancies etc in the country-Ideal mans brains is a devils workshop. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my opinion on the issue. If Mr. Buchanan is the only candidate opposed to the H1-B Visa policy then he is the Mr. Right to be the next President of the U.S. 

Anandi de la fuente

Both Buchanan and Ralph Nader have come out strongly against H-1B. Unfortunately Bush and Gore are following the lobby dollars to support H-1B. 

You discuss some interesting points in regard to the cost of education. U.S. taxpayers pay for a typical engineer, scientist, or programmer to be educated at all levels. The student makes tremendous sacrifices in money and time to get that degree. The taxpayers get a very bad return on their investment when an H-1B displaces one of these Americans. 

I agree that our politicians should be held accountable for this contemptible treason and breech of trust.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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13 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Database BUG? 

I think your database query may have a bug. I searched ILLINOIS and Deloitte Touche had 20 SR Business Consultants. When I searched Deloitte Touche all states, Illinois had the same 20 plus another entry for 20 SR technical consultants at a different salary and dates. Did I do something wrong?  tom

You didn't make a mistake and the data you observed is accurate. Many large companies have HR offices in various cities. Any of these offices can file an LCA to hire an H-1B.   The database results only shows the city where the H-1B will be employed. I chose not to show the origin of the LCA so that the data is not cluttered.
[H-1B Hall of Shame]

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7 Jul 2000

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Patriotism

Surely, if there was one ounce of patriotism in our legislators' bodies, they would kill this H1B thing as soon as possible. Just think of all our  young folks studying in colleges and tech schools right now, all hoping to get a job in their field when they graduate-----and our legislators will have given them all away. SHAME. 

Jerry Jernigan, Marietta, GA

Patriotism is now sold to the highest bidder.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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4 Jul 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I'm H1-B worker, so I've got mixed opinion on your site.

I agree 100% H1-B program is a shame. Period. Americans have fought for freedom to the people against slavery. But H1-B is just a modern slavery of high-tech age in the country of freedom. H1-B worker is the slave of his/her "host", the visa holder company. If the worker wants to leave a bad employer he has to get approval from INS that takes months. And if a company sponsors H1-B employee with Green Card he has to work for the company for a long regarding low salary, for the visa process takes years. 

Besides, DOL and INS, in spite of their statements they are fighting seriously against immigration/labor law violations, in reality keep their eyes closed. One DOL officer from Boston, MA said in a private conversation: We aware about the violations, but it is too long and complicated process. In reality, DOL cares just about the most impudent violations. It means companies can exploit their H1-B workers without any troubles. 

You see, thats system that keeps H1-B workers under employers thumb. There are lots of regulations that can protect US workers. If both DOL and INS have been really care about it would have been much less horror histories in your site.

By the way, the major violators of the laws are not big companies, but small ones, so-called consulting companies that are called slave-owners or slave-traders by H1-B guys. Big companies, perhaps, pay a little bit less, but much more honest with their H1-B visa workers and help them with Green Card process pretty often. So, I guess you should put slave-owners at the top of your Hall of Shame list.

Now lets speak about your concern about US native employees. I do understand that. But what do you mean, speaking about "native" ones? The USA is the country of immigrants and this is a basis of American prosperity. Talented people from another countries have been contributing to their new motherland. Sikorsky (helicopters, you know? native Russian); Von Brawn (the "father" of US rocket industry, native German); Einstein (need comments who is it? native German), Davidson (Harley-Davidson, native Russian Davidoff), Gupta (native Indian, Gupta Inc.)...Do you need more names? 

Besides, the reality is the modern IT industry in the USA does really need employees. And US workers cannot fill up all vacancies. Just ask HR people about it. My point is without contributing of foreign workers the USA hardly to be a world leader on IT for the long time and the countrys economy hardly to be in a good shape for so long.

By the way, some US competitors like Canada, Germany, and Australia have realized that and have changed their immigration policies for high-educated people. For instance, experienced IT specialist can get Canadian permanent (not temporary!) resident visa for 6-9 month.

So, I do agree with the point of view of Immigration Reform Coalition. Permanent residents cannot be treated as the high-tech slaves, for they are free to change a bad employee. And they can be under trade unions protection as well. I agree with the Coalition the immigration policy should be reviewed. I think for the USA would be more valuable to welcome immigrants who dont need any support or welfares, who have proved their ability to contribute to US economy. 

But now refugees, for instance, are able to get the Green Cards in much more easer and faster way than H1-B employees. Dont you think itd be better for Americans to have employees, not welfare receivers? Dont you think itd better for the countrys long term interests to have more high-educated people than low-qualify workers?


H1-B worker Master Degree in Computer Science

Your letter is a welcome addition and has some views that are important to the H-1B debate. 

I disagree with your reality scenario that there aren't enough American citizens to fill the vacant job positions. When this site refers to natives, it refers to current American citizens. If you look at the Visa Database you will see H-1B positions for grocery baggers, cooks, nurses, secretaries etc. Surely we have people coming off welfare that could use these jobs. 

Job shortage claims are made by industries that don't want to pay a fair wage. They are firing American citizens and hiring H-1Bs at the same time. A labor "shortage" is defined as a lack of professionals at the low wage levels determined by management.

Foreign scientists and engineers have contributed to the U.S. economy and they should be recognized. It is in our countries interest to let those exceptional people come here to contribute. Out of the 110,000 H-1Bs per year being imported, I highly doubt that all of them are Einsteins. If the H-1B limit was 1,000 per year then they would truly represent the best and brightest. 

I think it would be very good for the nation to get control of an immigration system that is broken. Sovereign countries have the right to control their borders.
H-1B Hall of Shame

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23 Jun 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)It is amazing that some individuals who post to this site are so confused about the content and purpose of this site. It is amazing the number of folks willing to stand up for the foreign H-1B worker who is a mere guest worker in the USA under federal law but is unwilling to express similar levels of concern for US workers who have been displaced by these workers. Nor do these folks express any shock or concern that US workers have been denied the right to even apply for work because firms are discriminating on the basis of national origin.

Mike Tully is so confused about this site that he thinks that the issues herein are simply a desire to close US boarders to immigration. Note that this site addresses ONLY employment issues NOT non-employment immigration, not family unification issues, not political refugee immigrants. This site ONLY and narrowly focuses on the employment based immigration programs and specifically which have been developed upon a fraudulent claim of a shortage of workers and anti-American declarations that US workers are unwilling to work. The lobbyists and Congressional supporters have openly expressed open contempt of US workers (which you and others forget INCLUDES permanent resident aliens). 

Are YOU Mr. Tully a lazy worker? Are you stupid? Are you under-educated? The lobbyists and the US Congressmen/women and Senators have said that all US workers are. So if you are not an immigrant on a visa you are deemed to be stupid, lazy, and unwilling to work American. Of course if you are an immigrant still on a visa YOU are automatically deemed to be a hard worker and well educated --- in fact if you come in under the "best and brightest" visa program (NOT the H-1B program) you don't even have to have gone to college a day in your life to land a job that a US worker might be expected to have an earned Ph.D. degree. 

Mr. Tully asks if everyone here is Native American and that no one else should be allowed into the USA. Mr.. Tully, I am a tribal person (persons such as yourself refer to us as Native American). THAT comment of yours was extremely racist and offensive. First, the original citizens of Turtle Island (you refer to as North America) welcomed all of the new arrivals to this land.

Unfortunately, the newcomers got greedy and kept taking, and taking, and taking. The new arrivals described their hosts as "savages" and "uneducated" and then burned the tribal peoples scientific documents (Aztec, Mayan, and tribal documents throughout the North America) to prove what "savages" these current inhabitants were. It made it easier for these newcomers to justify their subsequent acts of stealing lands, culture, history, religion, jobs (yes we had jobs in our traditional cultures) and our basic rights including our governments.

If you look at what is taking place with the H-1B program it has frightening similarities. People who had jobs have them "legally stolen" to give to others who did nothing in this community to earn those jobs. Reference is made by some posters that the American engineer or computer scientist is "uneducated and less skilled and lazy". It sounds like the same old racism only this time it attacks folks purely by being an American professional.

The H-1B program --- once again as so many folks have posted here --- is NOT about the use of the best and the brightest talent in the world. If it were one would have to consider the outstanding American talent. The H-1B program is about taking jobs from folks with jobs and giving them to others with no loyalty to the USA. As you will recall elements of the American Revolution were fought over similar events. The goods produced in America were compelled to be shipped back to England and resold back to the Colonists. England prohibited goods from being taken from its natural state and transformed into manufactured goods in America. The folks rebelled! The US technical workforce is starting to rebel as well when they see their hard earned and paid for education are being trampled on by the H-1B program.

Mr.. Tully your lack of cultural understanding and sensitivity is shocking at the beginning of the 21 Century. You really ought to apologize to the tribal people on this site and to your fellow Americans for your anti-Native American comments. And, you might visit your local public library and read a few books on tribal people, starting with "Custer Died for Your Sins" and "God is Red" by Vine Deloria, Jr. J.D. A good, well rounded education would do you a world of good --clearly wherever you went to school they failed to teach you about tribal people and American history. And then you might read the Immigration Act of 1990 and its history so you will be well-versed on the concerns being discussed at this site.

A Tribal Person

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20 Jun 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Mr. Eric Hill an engineer in the work force for a mere nine years suggests that this web site is mere "...spewing of propaganda..." and that "I [he] don't believe that an H-1B can be used to replace . .. " a US worker.

Unfortunatley, while Mr. Hill may be successful at having a current job in engineering, he does not know anything about the H-1B Non Immigrant visa program. The real world is not governed by Mr. Hill's wishes and beliefs but by the facts of conduct of employers and the US Congress. Facts, please , Mr. Hill not your uneducated gut feelings will prove the point.

Fact---US Congressman John Bryant stated when the H-1B program was approved by most of the US Congress that it would displace currently employed US workers. (Look up the Congressional Record) Fact--AIG a large insurance company had hundreds of working US professionals on the job. Fact, this company imported H-1B workers. Fact this company had the current workers train the unskilled in the job H-1Bs to take their jobs from the US workers.

Fact---H-1Bs are given teaching and research jobs when US workers have never been given the opportunity to apply for work at national research labs and public high school and universities. (documented denials of US government employers refusing US applicants while aggressively importing H-1Bs --- contact US Department of Labor)

Fact--the H-1B program is NOT designed to plunder the international market place of its "best and brightest". The H-1B program was NEVER designed to be a magnet of the "best and the brightest" is was solely and exclusively designed to bring in warm bodies for corporations that could not (see Congressional Records again) objectively document that there is/would be a shortage of any technical professionals in any occupation.

Fact---There have been rare occasions on which the US Department of Labor has investigated some of the abuses of the H-1B program and has provided token fines for displacing literally thousands of US engineers and/or programmers with imported H-1B programmers at a fraction of the salaries of the US workers who were in the jobs. (Read the US Department of Labor investigative reports---public knowledge)

Fact---H-1B Non-Immigrant workers give their word that they will only work in the USA for a maximum of six years. Fact, the H-1B program has been corrupted to use it as a stepping stone towards a permanent green card for these individuals who could not get into the USA in other lawful manners OR who were too self-centered to think that they should comply with the normal waiting process for immigration to the USA. (See Spring 1999 "Denver Post" coverage of an Indian programmer at 28 years old who was mifffed that the US government wasn't so grateful for his presence that if this company (private employer) did not get his Indian bride whom he married in India into the USA by-passing the normal immigration procedures that he would leave America and return to India. Of course he would be taking about an 80% reduction in salary to return to his country of origin. No word that his wife has been allowed special immigration rights nor has he given up his plush American job)

Mr. Hill's declaration that any US technical professional who is displaced or unemployed is less skilled, hardworking, and talented than himself is utterly amazing!

To Mr. Hill and others like him, if you find the content of the information posted on this web site upsetting and troubling it should be. It is the truth. It is the real world for many --- even if it hasn't come home to you yet. Before you declare these real world job victims as peer professional "losers" etc. etc take the time to read the statements and conclusions of objective third-parties. Read the reports by the US Government Accounting Office; the Senate Subcommittee of Space, Science, and Technology Hearings held in April of 1993 which declared that it is impossible to predict future job growth. Take the time to educate yourselves first before berating your peer professionals who have experienced a different life and career turn of events than you have.

After educating yourselves --- then form your opinions. But to make wild and judgmental statements that these experienced problems is nothing more than ". . . propaganda. . ." shows how little time you have spent in understanding these events. And finally---read what your Congressmen and Senators have stated in the public records on these matters. That alone is enough to frighten any rationally thinking American as to the abuses of this H-1B Non Immigration program designed to take jobs from US workers. 

It ain't pretty baby -- but it is the real world in high tech!

Spouse of a US technical professional victimized by the H-1B Non-Immigrant program

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20 Jun 2000

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)My daughter figured it out...

...she's already seen friends and parents of friends laid off of programming jobs in their 30's and 40's. As she said' 'why should I spend 4 years + of my life and a small fortune to learn a career where I'll be forced into obsolescence in ten year or so'?

Too bad, she has a real knack for the profession. Great site!

"Managing senior programmers is like herding cats." - -Dave Platt

Move your daughter to the head of the class.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

bar10.gif (864 bytes)


Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Nurses not treated fairly in other parts of USA

If Nurse poster is correctly reporting outstanding working conditions for the imported workers in the Bay Area this is wonderful news. What about the US nurses that would have wanted those jobs?

The nurses in my state are picketing the largest employer of nurses in my state because they are not being paid a fair and living wage and benefits have been reduced in the past decade. They are reporting a direct correlation between the importation of nurses and the decline in their wages and benefits.

I know numerous nurses in several states. Some have given up on nursing altogether because they can't afford to work in their profession and the work is unstable. Others who are battling to stay in their chosen occupation are working several outside jobs as well in order to make an adequate living. This of course means that these nurses do not arrive at the work site in a refreshed condition and are more prone to make medical care treatment mistakes. (Like the one case I know of in which the 3 a.m. shift nurse almost gave a patient 30 mg of insulin instead of 3 (three) mg of insulin. Patient would have been in a bit of trouble had he not woken up and made some inquiries as to what he was about to be given. Patient had to argue with the nurse that the dosage had to be ten times the normal amount and should not be given 30 mgs. Patient won or he would be dead by now.)

Some of these nurses are assisting their spouses in opening up restaurants. One nurse no longer works in a hospital but as a home health care nurse. She drives to see her patients seven days a week. She hasn't had a vacation in five years. She is so overworked that she fell asleep at the wheel and when her husband can (he is a shift worker) he drives her to her patients' homes. She came from an abusive home, worked her way through college (three degrees now), has seven children before the age of 30, is a full-time plus home health care nurse, and teaches part-time to supplement her primary teaching job.

Other nurses that I know have simply given up on the low wages and have returned to college to study law, medicine, teaching, something where the pay better matches the professionalism expected of the employee.

Interestingly the Nurse poster states that the California nurses came in under the H-1B Non Immigration Visa program rather than the special nursing visa program developed by the US Congress in 1986. I wonder why these employers only want these nurses for a maximum of six years of employment? 

One can only hope that the sanitation conditions in the California hospital system has improved as it doesn't have a great reputation for sanitation concerns. Of course, neither does the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where patients routinely contract all sorts of post-operative infections.

Conerned about all US workers

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I can say that I have heard of facilities exploiting foreign nurses. My experience has taught me however that in the Bay Area of California, Many hospitals would be out of business if it wasn't for H1B. I can't imagine what it would be like without them. I've met more people from the Philippines than from the US while working in California! They are paid competitive wages, (at least $30 per hour) and it is by all means a mutually beneficial relationship. Not to mention the Patients.

I can also say that I have seen some facilities (particularly Nursing Homes) import these nurses and pay them substandard wages while at the same time subject them to very poor and unfair working conditions. Many are threatened with deportation should they complain. I'd like to think that this last scenario is not the one that predominates.

A Nurse

Read your history. Southern plantations said they would be out of business if they didn't have slaves. If those hospitals would go out of business without H-1Bs, they are badly run and should go out of business.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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20 Jun 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Well, why is it then that they hire them? Are all the companies in the industry basically prejudiced against American workers? How does that thinking translate into an industry-wide trillion dollar bottom line?

Education-wise, yes, I would definitely say on a whole that foreign students (primarily Indian and Asian) have embedded in their cultures a much more rigorous mentality when it comes to work and study. Why haven't these nations achieved or maintained superior technological status? My guess is that we hire all of their best help away from them. And yes, Bombay university IS that good. I have worked with many fellow students who came from there, and each and every one of them is as equally impressive as some of the best American students I have known.

Our problem here in America is education, bottom line. I certainly agree that industry must invest equally in American education as they do in hiring outside help. Our culture is not such that academics are promoted in a way that is remotely attractive at times, and here is where we need to make an impact.

Tony Mule

This confirms my worst fears:
Foreigners are better educated and intellectually superior.
Indians and Asians think more rigorously.
Bombay University is far superior to MIT.
H-1B is needed to replace all those lazy, ignorant Americans.

H-1B Hall of Shame]

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19 Jun 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)So you're saying that all your ancestors are Native Americans ??? And you're the only ones who have a right to live in this great country??  Mike Tully

I think you e-mailed to the wrong web site.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Do you really believe the propaganda that you are spewing? As an electrical engineer who has been in engineering for 9 over years, I have had no problems finding jobs when I decided to change (I have never been laid off), and have also been involved with the hiring of several engineers and technicians. The amount of "quality" engineers and technicians that are available is very slim.

The only people that are going to have a hard time finding a job are those who are simply not good at what they do. If someone is eventually pushed out of their job by other engineers, it is because they are not and were not doing their job effectively. Because the job market is SO good right now, not a single one of my engineering friends have had any problems negotiating for the salary that they want. Money is not the issue right now...finding quality people to do the job and get the product on the market is the issue.

If money were such an issue, there would not be such a market for contractors. I work  with several "foreign" engineers who I consider very talented and good at their jobs. I was just discussing this article with one of them and almost felt that I needed to apologize to him for the ignorance of so many Americans. 

First of all, I don't believe that an H1-B visa can be used to displace an American worker. If I am not mistaken, there must be an open position that has been unfilled for a certain amount of time before a person can be hired under H1-B. In addition to this, how can it be a bad thing to bring intelligent and educated people into this country? 

What negative can come from bringing in the best and brightest people from around the world to help American companies grow by developing American technology? This is a big part of the reason that we are the only super power in the world right now. Lastly, if you seriously think that only the "big, rich, companies" have any pull with Congress, go talk to Bill Gates. Ask him if he thinks the big companies have a lot of pull with Congress.

Eric Hill

Judging by the length of your career you are about 30 years old. Of course you haven't experienced age discrimination yet, you're still a baby. You have been at that company long enough to become a prime target of cost reductions. 

H-1B visas are routinely  used to replace Americans. Read what happened at AIG. The H-1B law makes it very easy and convenient to replace Americans. Don't trust me, go to my Links page and read what the law says. You are very mistaken about time limits. H-1B doesn't specify any time limits for how long a job must remain unfilled.
H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Top 100 Question

Why don't I see Microsoft and Cisco on the list? Is it true
they have less than 32 H1-b there? Please see my letter and attempts to contact Lofgren here:

Kim Berry

Please read the FAQs page to understand the limits to that Top 100 list. You are correct that Microsoft and Cisco hires plenty of H-1Bs. Go the H1-B Visa Database  and type Microsoft or Cisco in the Company Name. You will see plenty of listings.    [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Does anyone run a site listing every member of Congress, which way they voted (on these, as well as other issues), and who gave them money? (not just a name list of the groups, but also what the groups REALLY are (i.e.. if say as a fake example "Group for Progress of American Programmers" is really a big company big money anti programmer PAC, then the subtitle would say so...  Now THAT would be helpful. Know if its been done?

Jack Turer

Please read the Political Foes and Political Allies Pages. I provide a lot of voting records and money trails. Politicians that get more money from high-tech tend to support H-1B. I haven't seen a site that has complete information on the voting records for H-1B. I thought about doing it but the research involved is overwhelming. Any volunteers?

There are some other sites that give other tidbits of the politics, but they too are not complete. Some of the better ones can be found on the Links page.
H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I just have 1 question:

Have you actually tried to hire an IT professional lately? As a hiring manager, I have.
I have 4 recruiters working for me, accounts at 3 different job web sites, and offer bonuses to employees that recommend people that we eventually hire.

I can't even get a few decent resumes, much less hire anyone. I've gotten *zero* in the last 3 weeks, even though recruiters have a huge incentive to send me anything they can find. My company isn't a huge corporate entity, we have <100 people at this site, and I'm only trying to hire 3-4.

Frankly, I'd much rather hire American workers if for no other reason than a) they're more likely (regardless of their ethnicity) to speak clear English and b) it's a huge hassle to get H1-Bs or other visas, interview people from out of the area, etc. I'd be perfectly happy to take in any American workers who are "displaced" by H1-B workers at other companies. If you think it's so @#$% easy, you tell me where I can find people.

Our job descriptions clearly state that I'm more than happy to train people to do their job. All I ask is for native intelligence and some experience in *some* of the areas they will have to deal with (so I don't have to start *completely* from scratch)  Anyone that thinks there is no shortage of American IT professionals simply hasn't tried to hire any lately.

Ray Trent

Looks like that this web site it making the rounds of those HR types that are in the business of rejecting resumes from American citizens. See the letter below.
H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Opposing viewpoint 

Thank you for the enlightening web page. You've obviously done some home work and represent your views well. However, you have overlooked some important issues, one of which your own web page points out.

Firstly, your own web page points out that a substantially higher number of immigrant workers hold a master's degree or higher. Of course, your statitistics may be skewed to the high end because most high tech employers will only sponsor an H-1B for holders of an MS or PhD. But the fact remains, that an undergraduate degree simply is not sufficient education for most of the "high tech" jobs in the computer science or engineering disciplines these days. When top level employers search for "fresh out" talent in the spring time, we simply take the resumes of the people who submit them (I believe most H-1B's are granted to new graduates who are in this country on student "F" visas). Walk around any top rated engineering school in this country and look at the graduate student population. That's who applies for "fresh out" positions...that's who we hire.

Secondly, you lament that "older" workers are not being offered the same opportunity as young, immigrant workers. The problem with many older workers is that while they may have many years of experience in a generic technical field, like electrical engineering, their skill set is not current. However, they are not willing to accept a salary commensurate with their experience in the specific skill area required by the hiring manager. It is possible for these workers to retrain, but it takes more than a few community college classes for an old COBOL programmer to learn how to design leading edge microprocessors in Verilog. Anyone who graduated college more than 10  years ago almost needs to complete a new masters degree (with as many deficiency courses required as credit courses). Even then, they would only be eligible for entry level jobs...not jobs commensurate with the "number of years" they have been in a related industry. This is a hard fact that even those of us native born American's currently working in this industry must face. College never ends for us. We need to continue our education just to stay current. Even then we are guaranteed to be several
years behind our colleagues in other disciplines because the universities themselves are several years behind the industry.

As a hiring manager, I am very concerned that I am not able to find enough qualified applicants to fill the jobs I have, when I have them. It is especially troubling to me to be faced with the prospect of hiring someone who is only guaranteed to be in the job for three years. It bothers me even more to think that some of these individuals may spend several years in America, learning our best technologies, then go home to their countries of origin and go to work for competing companies.

However, I have an immediate responsibility to my shareholders (most American's do participate in 401K plans or hold some kind of equity investments...right?) to turn positive short-term results. Corporations are not big, evil entities. They are made up of individual people who make house payments and purchase cars, groceries and utilities which power the American economy. The problem is not with the visa system. It's with the American education system. If more American's were in graduate school, more American's would be in the high tech work place. However, as you pointed out, my company only employed 95 H-1B visa holders at the time of your sample. That doesn't seem like too many given that we employ almost 20,000 people in the State of Arizona alone.

Jim Kramer

Corporations aren't evil, they are stupid and shortsighted and very greedy.  They are shooting themselves in the foot because they are shunning what made them great in the first place, the American worker.

Your example of the old Cobol programmer is ridiculous and exemplifies the contempt companies have for the techies that made them into profitable companies. Of course it would be tough to this guy to design microprocessors because that is what electrical engineers do. Most Cobol programmers could probably pick up Visual Basic or Oracle databases with no problem. The problem is that you won't let them. It's much easier to fire them and hire a cheap H-1B. By the way, I'll bet most HR managers couldn't be trained to be welders.

Motorola better support all H-1B increases. If you told kids entering college that their Computer/IT degree was only worth 10 years of work, none of them would major in programming. Why should they work so hard to get a degree that is worthless in ten years? In my opinion these kind of hiring practices will produce exactly what you say you don't want, a worker shortage.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Suggestions For Mr. Trent 

I am not a programmer but do have a background in human resources and employment law and more importantly have a family member who is an unemployed programmer. I can tell you from personal experience that we were more than willing to move for a quality technical job. 

Here are some points that I would like to make to encourage a free and positive exchange of ideas on your hiring problems. I am *not* saying that any of these problems apply to your company as I don't know what firm Mr. Trent represents. My comments are of a general nature and they are by no means ranked in order of importance nor are they intended to imply that these are exclusively deciding factors that a job candidate such as item number 2. would decide to take or reject a job. 

1) If your firm is having a recruitment problem it may be that firm does not have a positive reputation among programmers for treating its workers in a fair, respectful manner. (this can include suppressing of creative efforts, rigid working hours that frustrates creative efforts and fails to recognize the long hours and/or weekend time spent on project deadlines, radical beginning and ending of projects without notice to the programmers creating high levels of anxieties in the work force, work load assignments that to not match with items used on job performance ratings)

2) Is your firm located in a desirable community? (many firms seem to think that desirable work environment means large urban communities when many technical professionals in fact prefer the outdoor recreations)

3) The reputation of the firm may be that there is no long term employment with the firm. Few programmers want to chance working for a firm and then be unemployed in a few months due to restructuring or downsizing or being replaced by an H-1B.

4) Why leave your recruitment efforts to a headhunter firm? These folks rarely employee technical professionals who cannot tell the difference between hardware and software. Get out into the communities where technical professionals are. Meet these technical professionals and build up a reputation as a desirable go-get 'em employer who keeps their technical staff members. (LOTS of suggestions in this area if a dialogue can be started.)

5) Many technical professionals are turned-off by headhunter firms who seem to only call with "snooping" questions but never have a job interview nor offer to present to the candidate. Have you clearly conveyed to these agencies that a skilled professionals with a strong work ethic will meet your hiring requirements or are they under the impression that only a perfect point-by-point job candidate should be presented to you for consideration? 

Mr. Trent should be commended for posting a message here (see below) about his hiring problems. Now, if we can start to discuss matters between management and technical professionals perhaps a new and productive effort can now take place. He has certainly posted to an excellent web site where hundreds of unemployed and under-employed US technical professionals would be interested in learning about his job openings.

Member of the Public 

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)You must be kidding

The only way your argument would REMOTELY become valid is if the supply of technically skilled workers (masters, PhDs) exceeded the demand with respect to high tech jobs. As this is not the case (ask anyone at Intel, for example, who projects that they ALONE will need to hire each and every college student graduating in electrical engineering in the country from now until 2002 just to work on ONE of their next generation microprocessors), i.e.. the demand far outweighs the supply, a bounty of jobs exist for both immigrant and American high tech workers with the proper skills. My guess is that complainers like yourselves have not been able to keep pace with the consistent re-education required within the high tech industry (and hence have let YOURSELVES become obsolete). Don't blame foreign workers for your failures in your job performance - look in the mirror. Intel, AMD, Motorola...etc. all seek one thing and one thing alone in their workers: the ability to perform. If you can't, then try another industry.

Tony Mule'
Research Assistant, Gigascale Integration Group
Georgia Institute of Technology

Intel and other high-tech companies have a direct financial interest in spreading the myth that there are not enough "qualified" American workers for them to hire. I don't think you understand what Intel, AMD, Motorola...etc.  seek. These companies want cheap labor braceros to increase profit margins for rich shareholders. All companies want to find the cheapest labor possible. They always have. Read your history books about why labor unions formed.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)H-1B is Outrageous!

H1-B is outrageous, no it is criminal. The jobs they say are going unfilled, for example 1.2 million Information Technology positions could easily be filled twice over, but they are ignoring and squandering a >>> portion of our work force that is ready and able. I refer to those workers over the age 55 who are anxious to work and would even take the low paying jobs. After all low pay is better than no pay. True many do not have the
latest in skills, but could easily be trained, 10-15 years ago they were our Countrys' brightest and best, and they speak good English and are familiar with our culture which are severe inhibitors for foreigners. In Texas the Controller has instituted an IT Academy that takes recent college graduates and trains them in technology fields in exchange for 2 years work in government. Why couldn't this academy be expanded to include seniors? Why can't all States and the Federal Government promote these academies and expand them into all fields of need? Stop the invasion of these aliens!

Charles Skelton
Flower Mound, Texas 75028

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)H-1B Fraud

Your site does not highlight the abuse of H1B program. Please add the information to your site.

The current H1-B program is the most abused congressionally mandated law I have ever seen.

H1-B program is meant for high tech workers to fill the labor shortages in Information Technology and other high tech areas. US needs more immigrant workers but at the same time we need legislation to make sure that we are issuing VISAS to the best and the brightest, and not to the fraudulent applicants.

In INS internal investigation (a random investigation of approved H1-B visas) has shown that about 70 % of the applications for fraudulent. H1-B program is being increasingly used to bring in illegal aliens; INS does not have the resources or a clear mandated legislation to deny a fraudulent H1-B application.

Following are some to the ways the program is being abused.

Degree in the field of work:
Current law does not require that the applicant to have a degree (US Equivalent) in the field of work. INS currently approves applications with any degree. There are millions of graduates in the developing counties who are looking for work, agents or agencies are using this loophole to exploit the unemployed youth overseas and also cheat INS and US businesses.

Overseas agents or agencies acting in coordination with a US company charge up to $6000.00 for a US H1B visa. Agencies recruit young unemployed youth and send them for couple months of Computer training, with the help of their sister companies; these young people are then enrolled as unpaid employees in software companies and get experience certificates for the time they never worked. Bribes and contacts often used to enroll the H1-B applicant as an employee of a well-known company overseas. The contact at these software companies also verifies the employment upon verification from the consulate or INS.

The entire process is a fool proof, many unemployed youth from the developing counties are using there life saving to buy a VISA to US, and many can never recover the money back. This has also become a major social problem in countries like India, there are articles in newspapers appear every day on people getting caught in the fraud and committing suicide. As agents and agencies are making millions, the unemployed youth are losing all there life savings. Its very difficult to find a company with will process your H1-B visa with out charging anywhere from $5000.00 to $8000.00, even if you are well qualified.  There are Computer training centers on every street corners in India offering high paying US jobs with few months of Computer training.

By requiring to have a Degree in the field of work, INS can ensure that only the well qualified are given VISAS, this will also prevent fraudulent applications from being filed with INS.

H1-B visa; A birthright to assume any job in US. H1-B visa is issued for a very specific job, often in the Information technology field, but after a VISA was issued it does not prevent the beneficiary from working else where in a totally unrelated field.

VISAS are obtained for non-technical people using fraudulent documents. Several agencies out source their H1B employees through Temporary placement agencies for non-technical jobs like accounting, and office work. INS does not have resources nor funding to track previously approved H1-B visas and their compliance. The employee never complains to INS or authorities because his job is at stake and he or she is in the process of recovering the money they have spent obtaining the VISA.

Many of these H1-B visa holders will be competing with US citizens for many of the non-technical jobs there are being outsource for.

H1-B VISA holders can own there own business. H1-B visa holders are finding out that its lucrative to start their own business than work for an employer. H1-B holders have a valid Social Security numbers and they can open a legal business in any state, they get there H-B approved from there own company. They can transact with other business as if they are US citizens and they can now do any business like real estate & temp IT placement services and draw a hefty salary from there own company. There are several millionaires in US who own there own companies and are on H1-B. In most Information Technology placement companies you can find that the entire office staff are on H1-B doing things like marketing, office work and accounting.

H-1B employees do not get paid for a long time. INS mandates that the H-1B employee finds a job with in four months of entry into US and they also need to be paid when they are in Bench (No current project). Taking a resignation letter form the employee as soon as a project is complete or as soon as they enter US often violates this INS mandate. A new offer letter will be given to them once a job is found this workaround for the INS mandate. H-1B employees sometimes do not get paid or have a job for years. If a H1-B employee wants to transfer to a new company INS asks for pay stubs (proof that the employee is in status and is working), employers often take money from employees and issue a pay stub from their own money.

Form I-129 has loopholes.
Form I-129 used, as H1-B VISA application has to be signed by a representative of the petitioning company. INS does not require that the person who signs the form disclose neither his or her social security number nor the work status. Several agencies are hijacking the names of established US business including there EIN numbers and signing the H1-B visa petition on there behalf with a different PO box no or a different address.
The approved petitions are then sold in open market for $6000.00 per

The reason people of encouraged to commit fraud is that they take INS for granted and even if they get caught the fines and penalties are limited by the law to about $10,000, they probably made millions by now and fines are a piece of change. There is an urgent need for more funds and resources for INS to curb fraud.

We need legislation to make sure that we are issuing VISAS to the best and the brightest, and not to the fraudulent applicants. Fixing the loopholes will also protect US workers and US businesses

Hari Rao

You touched on some areas of H-1B abuse that do need to be discussed. I added some LCA FAQs to expand on what you have said.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)If you have an American job through the H-1B program----please note that you were not selected against the Best and Brightest of America! (The H-1B Visa program was NEVER intended to bring in the best and the brightest of the world --- just any foreign warm body would do. Cheap and willing to work slave hours.) So don't get on your high-horse that somehow because you have an H-1B Visa that you somehow are one of the world's best and brightest because you probably are not. The way things are set up in America ---- American workers are denied the opportunity to compete for the jobs that you are holding. You haven't been held up to the working standards of American educated professional in your field. In fact, the companies have had to go to great lengths to design programs to keep American workers from ever being considered for the jobs that the H-1B Visa holder has taken. Please keep in mind that by your holding that job, you have denied an American worker the opportunity to work in his own country and your country of origin (India and others) have refused US workers the opportunity to work in full-time jobs there.

One can never say that companies in America hire the "best and brightest" since first of all the H-1B program was NOT designed to meet the best and the brightest test. It was simply meant to fill in an alleged gap of workers in various fields until enough Americans could met America's own needs. So, don't think that just because you are in America on an H-1B visa that you are deemed by anyone to be the 'best and the brightest" in your field of work because sadly your American counter-parts WERE NOT given a fair chance to compete for the jobs that you are now in. The companies simply refuse to even interview American workers for many of the jobs that are now held by H-1B Visa holders. Just imagine how stiff that competition would be if the H-1B Visa holder actually had to compete in a fair and open job market against America's highly educated, highly skilled, and motivated and technically gifted work force. The American companies KNOW that US workers would be highly competitive for these jobs which is why they have designed it such that they can fire US workers IN those jobs and replace them with cheap, alien programmers. And, often American workers are required to train the H-1B Visa holders in the jobs that they will be taking from the American worker. One can hardly say under these conditions that the H-1B Visa holder is more skilled than his/her American counter-part. 

It is interesting to see the claims put forth by the imported workers who claim that 1,000 computer companies have been started in Silicon Valley by Indian programmers. Others claim that these Indian programmers represent the best and the brightest and how fortunate America is to have these individuals as Americans are too stupid to do these programming projects and set-up businesses. One fellow, Ashwin Bahave, states that Americans don't value education and supports this position by stating that Americans call their technically gifted individuals "geeks" and "nerds" whereas in his native India such individuals are valued and respected like football players. Why then is Mr. Bahave in America? If he has children, are they getting their education in American schools or has he placed them in boarding schools in his native India?

This all seems to beg the question. If India so values these highly skilled and educated individuals, why is it that these highly skilled individuals are leaving India in droves? With this alleged high talent to program and establish businesses surely India should on its own merit no longer be one of the poorest countries in the world but should have the technical skills and desire to assure that all of its citizens have clean, running water. Yet, instead of staying in India these talented individuals flee their home land for America where we are nothing but under-educate individuals. More amazingly still is the claim that American educational programs are so grossly substandard, yet these same folks graduate from American universities and then get jobs at American companies. I have visited India and can tell you first hand that they need to have a better economy for its impoverished people so that trains no longer need bars on the windows to keep out the bandits and entrap victims of train wrecks. Why not take your business skills back to India? Or is there something self-serving about working in America that has kept you here?

Stop repeating the anti-American declarations that American workers are less educated and less capable of working than the imported workforce. Americans first must have the same rights to compete for and keep a career as any imported work has. Until that time such anti-American claims that American workers are inferior to imported workers is highly offensive, unjust, and damaging to relations between Americans and those who are guests in America via the TEMPORARY VISA work programs. 

An American worker----

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Citizens and perm.residents need training 

Simply by increasing the number of HIBs is not going to solve the problem of shortage.
Government must do the following immediately:

1) Many older or younger, displaced or on-the job programmers need new skills training.
Legislate/compell the companies desirous of hiring H1B to spend minimum $10000
per year or give 15 paid training days per existing each programmer.

2) Unless companies meet above requirements, specially consulting and staffing companies should be not be issued H1B visas. Period. 

4) Government should link welfare programs of H1B programmer countries to number
of H1B visas. Countries spent meagre money on unemployment insurances, basis necessities of life, elderly care, poor health at the cost of general public welfare, and spend heavy funds on subsidized higher education and defense, be restricted for issuing H1Bs visas.

5) Give tax incentives like 1998 education incentives to programmers for money spent on skill upgrades in their tax returns.

6) Streamline the process of list of skills in short supply. Be specific. Statewise, industry wise, skill wise. 

7) Government should not think that bringing in talented individuals of other countries will brain drain those countries. Never this is true rather it's a joke. Government must remember that no foreigner come to USA for just work and expected to go away without obtaining US residency. He/she wants to come to USA to permanently settle in USA. A H1B programmer can marry and bring spouse and children without any waiting and permanently settle in USA without obtaining any green card whereas other residents have to wait even 4 to 5 years, depending upon the base country of the residents, for spouse and children to join him/her. If training requirement is not imposed, most of incoming HIBs i.e. future residents/ citizens will be burden on US economy as they will be in the same skill obsolesce situations like today's resident and citizen programmers. Most important is enabling them with new skills training giving financial relief.


These are excellent and constructive suggestions. I would suggest reading Dr. Norman Matloff featured in the Library. He dispels the myth that H-1B visas are issued because Americans don't have the necessary skills or training.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Amazed to see the impact of H1-B on American job market

I am an H1-B visa holder and was amazed to see what difference it makes to the US job market in having the increased H1-B quotas. Looking at your site I am convinced that H1-B should be very restrictive and only the most qualified of the foreign professionals should be granted such visas. I wish your endeavor of bringing the awareness of the impact of H1-B to Americans in general. Best regards.

Shailendra Jhalani

Proponents of H-1B used to say that it would only be used to bring in the best and brightest workers from around the world. Somewhere the mission of H-1B changed. It is now too often used to bring in cheap labor to subsidize American corporations and undercut the American worker.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Good site, thanks for your efforts. Here in Detroit I've experienced all the good and bad parts of the H1B situation.

Is there a contradiction here or what am I missing? big gov't says they want to attract kids to science and math careers, they could do that real easy if the average jobs approached the salary and prestige of doctors and lawyers, not factory workers. This won't happen with the increasing no. of H1Bs.

What is gov'ts argument for not letting free market forces and wages help attract people to these jobs instead of using the H1Bs?

Most politicians cite the bogus ITAA data that claims that the U.S. has a desperate shortage of high-tech workers. Bear in mind that H-1B is also used to hire massage therapists, grocery clerks, and fashion models. Perhaps the U.S. doesn't have enough beautiful women either.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I sent you a message a few days ago stating that immigrants and H1-B's have had a disproportionate impact in America's Internet boom - Indians in particular having founded more than 1000 companies in Silicon Valley. You haven't disputed that fact, which I will interpret to mean that you accept it. If that is so, I would argue that had immigrants not been around, there would not have been as many IT jobs in the first place. Given that Indians, Chinese and other nationals have created well in excess of 200,000 jobs in high-tech, shouldn't you acknowledge that contribution? Viewed in this light, the H1-B program does not look unfair to Americans. In fact, US citizens have benefited from the program because of the wealth and jobs opportunities created.

Thanks,  Ashwin Bhave

Indians have set up many companies in the U.S. - so what? So have black and latinos that never relied on the H-1B program. H-1Bs haven't created as many jobs as they have taken from American citizens. Unless of course you want to count the grocery baggers that help them at the supermarket. We could say that is a high tech job because they are close to a bar-code scanner.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I am a researcher beginning work on a second book on the politics of US immigration policy. I came across this web page. Its very existence is interesting--the web represents a new forum for discussing immigration issues.

I am curious about who maintains this page -- an individual, a group of individuals, an organization? I am not interested in people disclosing personal identities, I would just like to know what kind of person or what kind of group cares enough about this topic to put together a page such as this. I have no particular ideological slant or bone to pick here--my interest is trying to understand how the politics behind immigration policy works--and how it may be changing. 

Keith Fitzgerald, Associate Professor of Political Science, New College of the University of South Florida

 I answer these question in a letter dated 5/6/2000.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Who are you; where do you get all of your money? 

I am impressed by the sophistication of your site. One important thing is missing: who are you? What is your interest in all of this? And, most importantly, where do you get the money for such an elegant and elaborate web site? There must be some powerful interests at work here.

I don't understand why it is obvious that you want to keep your identity secret. You appear to be ashamed of your opinions. I would think that you would be proud. And with the unemployment rate the lowest it has been in American history, has it occurred to you that some of your rhetoric may be falling on deaf ears? When there are four or five jobs open to every techie, how can H-1Bs be taking peoples jobs. It baffles me.

Stephen Traylor
Princeton, New Jersey

I make no effort to hide who I am. Research this site if you want to know. As far as money, I'm broke and unemployed. This site is my labor of love. Unfortunately the abolish H-1B movement has little money. The pro-H-1B lobby is rich and highly organized. Look at  Political Foes to see the kind of that money is being used to lobby congress to increase H-1B. I hope the facts on this site won't fall on deaf ears, but that is the choice of whomever comes hear.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I agree with you on one point - that H1-B's are paid lower on the average - chiefly because of ignorance. I personally don't fall into that category, since I am an H-1B worker earning well over $150,000. But I do want to make a couple of points. Underpaid people learn very quickly that they are being underpaid, and join a new company within a few months. My wife is a great example. She started in 1996 at $39,000 and is now paid more than $75,000. Secondly, the truth is that many Indian programmers are very dynamic - having set up more than 1000 high-tech companies in Silicon Valley already. As the Wall Street Journal says in its issue on May 2, Indians are having a disproportionate effect on the development of the Internet in America. These people have created thousands of jobs and billions in stockholder wealth - something that would not have otherwise existed.

The unfortunate truth is that the American education system does not respect academics and learning. Kids here call intelligent people "geeks" and "nerds," whereas in India these very same geeks and nerds are accorded far greater respect than, say, a football jock. The IT shortage is real - my suspicion is that many people who are not finding jobs simply do not have the right skills. And the education system does not help things either.

Regards, Ashwin Bhave

Obviously I don't agree that there is an IT shortage. There is a glut that is fueled by 110,000 H-1B visas in addition to Green Cards and other types of worker based visas. [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes) I am writing to express some viewpoints which directly contradict those you put forth on your web site. I trust you will have the courage to display my message even though it is not supportive of your viewpoint.

Your web site is filled with so much inaccurate information that it is shameful. While you seek to make the case that the H-1B visa classification is hurting U.S. employers, you fall far short. You have no hard data to back up your position at all. Instead, you rely on rhetoric and sound bites.

Here are some hard facts for you to consider:

1) One example of incorrect and incomplete information you are putting on your site -- It is simply not true that an H-1B employer can "pay them (H-1Bs) less and work them harder than a U.S. Citizen in a similar position." There are so many steps that the DOL requires an employer to take before hiring someone as an H-1B. These include a Prevailing Wage Request which is designed to ensure that the H-1B worker is paid the
"prevailing wage  (i.e., the same wage that others in that field of work and in that area of the country are making). The Labor Condition Application is another check on this process. The H-1B process goes to great lengths to ensure that there is no difference between what an H-1B worker is making and what a U.S. citizen standing next to him doing the same job is making. If some employers fail to comply with these regulations, that is a violation of the law. It is not a problem with the H-1B program as a whole.

(2) In our current economy with unemployment at record lows, workers from overseas (whether they be H-1B workers or green card holders) help keep inflation from picking up and keep the Fed from raising interest rates. Without workers from India and Mexico, as well as from China, the Philippines, El Salvador, Canada, etc., the Fed would long ago have raised interest rates to dampen inflation. Since 1990, immigrants have filled almost 5 million new jobs--which would just about cover today's level of unemployment. Absent this immigrant labor pool, the U.S. unemployment rate, instead of hovering around its current historic low of 4%, would in fact be much lower. (Even Alan Greenspan testified to this fact before Congress). What would happen if the unemployment rate dropped even lower? Wages would rise rapidly, too much money would be chasing too few workers and goods (and inflation) would pick up. The Fed would then squeeze the brakes on monetary policy and sharply raise interest rates. The resulting downturn in growth would make the U.S. economy that much smaller and weaker. All this could happen if the U.S. shuts its doors to H-1B temporary workers and immigrants.

*** U.S. immigration policy is quite strict and many Americans would restrict it further. But those who want to close U.S. doors even tighter need to consider this basic fact: immigration has been a key element in making the U.S. economy the envy of the world in the 1990s. It is in America's best interest to keep it that way. *** Everyone needs to do their homework and do the research before jumping on your bandwagon saying that all immigrants are a threat to America and American workers.

(Information taken fro an article by Stephan-Gotz Richter - "The Immigration Safety Valve: Keeping a Lid on Inflation," in the March/April 2000 edition of Foreign Affairs.)--

David Bryan Clubb

Who anointed the U.S. government to be the safety valve for the entire world? I didn't and I suspect that the majority of the American public don't want to sacrifice their careers in order to be a safety valve. Unfortunately you are correct that Greenspan will raise interest rates if American workers start making more money. Our government is colluding with corporations to hold down labor costs.

You are simply wrong that H-1Bs are paid prevailing salaries. You mention LCAs. Why didn't you take the trouble to look at the 69,000 LCAs I have in the "H-1B Visa Database". I went through a lot of trouble using the Freedom of Information act to get this data. Please use the data because it will help you to come to conclusions based on fact, not the political rhetoric you hear from our government. 

You are correct that employers have to state the prevailing wage on the LCA to justify the pay of the H-1B. The problem is that "prevailing" is much more subjective than you might imagine and is fraught with loopholes. Employers can choose any method they want to determine prevailing wage.  Go to the first LCA in my Library for Allsport Photography. You will see that Allsport chose "Other" for their prevailing wage base. In this case the wage base was taken from the Department of Economic Security, one of many and differing government guidelines. Take a look at the other LCAs and you will see that various surveys are used. Companies check "Other" so that they can pick and choose whatever wage base they want. This loophole is cleverly engineered. Note: You must use your browsers arrow key to get directly back to this page.

Employers also play another type of shell game to fool the DOL (Department of Labor). As an example they will write an LCA for  an entry level programmer with entry level salaries. They will hire a Master degree H-1B with 5 years experience with that LCA. The DOL has ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO CHECK ON WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE  LCA IS APPROVED BECAUSE THE INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) DOESN'T USE THE SAME DATABASE. Neither agency has the manpower to investigate these cases. Our government slashed the funding for investigators when they increased the H-1Bs to 110,000. Don't think that is a coincidence. 

I am doing a statistical study of the average wages on the LCAs. I will put these on the site soon. You will be able to link to it from Bodyshoppers.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I just visited your website. I must say that you have gathered some amazing facts and figures. However your analysis and thinking is rather short sighted and maybe even a little immature. It is certainly understandable how an American worker would feel if foreign workers came and took their jobs for lower pay. Hell, I would feel the same way if my country was as developed and foreigners came and took our jobs. But the situation isn't as simple as you make it sound. 

* Firstly not all foreign workers get paid less that their American counterparts. I graduated from Georgia Tech and took an offer from a Big5 firm. And my offer was the same as that given to other American graduates. In fact my signing bonus was more than what a couple of people got.

* I see that most letters and "horror" stories on your site are from 35-40 year old people. There is a saying in Hindi, "some people who cannot dance, say the floor is tilted." These people need to realize, that this is the Internet age. If they are not willing to retool themselves, they will be left behind. They are jobless, because younger blood (both American and foreign) are taking their jobs. And they are taking them because they are willing to learn new technologies every day. It is very easy to get frustrated and find faults with the system, very hard to actually learn and move on.

* America is a capitalist country. And I shouldn't even have to say it. I mean Americans have gone far and beyond (even foolishly in one case) to protect capitalist values in the world. Its very simple. You run a business, you run it to make as much profit as you can. If American workers feel that they are being kicked out from their jobs, well start your own company, hire H1B indentured "slaves" and increase your profit margins. In the end, America can either satisfy its hunger for technologically skilled people from outside or be left behind in the race.

* I will admit this. That an employer does have opportunity to take tremendous advantage of its H1b employees. And some BodyShoppers do it frequently. And a worker might get stuck getting paid much lesser that an American worker. This is an issue that has to be tackled. But you really cant blame an H1b worker for this. Its the employer who has to be disciplined. 

* America is a land of immigrants. Your ancestors too came to this country and took land from the Native Indians. Were they not American workers? Was their livelihood not threatened? Hell, you guys took their land and enslaved them on it. Trust me, the H1b way is certainly more respectable, if not that most perfect. 

regards  Neel  (H1B IT Consultant from India )

You are correct that not all H-1Bs are paid low salaries. Whenever we generalize by using averages there will be exceptions. American companies love H-1Bs because they pay them less than U.S. workers. Companies perceive that H-1B workers are more loyal because they are indentured. I don't blame H-1B visa holders for anything. The sweatshops in India pay programmers $300 a month. If I was in that situation I would be happy to take a job in California for $50,000. H-1B is a monster created by our own  government so therefore it is our problem. A foreign worker on an H-1B visa should never be blamed for trying to better his situation because he is legally working here.

Employers will never discipline themselves because their motive is profit. It is the responsibility of the U.S. government to set rules for fair and equitable competition. Sadly, big money politics and greed are much more important than principle.

When I was growing up, I never dreamed that to make a living I would have to set up a business and own H-1Bs slaves to make profit. I hope the kids of today don't have to share in that nightmare.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I was browsing your site - very interesting. I am an Indian national on an H-1B living in the bay area. I was educated in India and in England and I have worked in Europe, India and here in the US. I came to the US 3 Years ago, through an Indian company. I was paid very well by the Indian company. I currently net > 120K a year and my wife nets > 90k a year, not a king's ransom but definitely not chicken feed. I am in the computing profession too and a development team lead for a major software engineering company. I do not seem to fit any of the profiles of H-1B workers that your site lists and neither do any of my Indian friends.

It seems that your frustration is with the H-1B visas being granted to the body shoppers and I agree with you completely - that is an issue for the US government to sort out.

However, I was unclear if your frustration was against the body shoppers or against immigrant workers as a whole. If it is the latter, it seems from your last name that you have some immigrant blood in you too. 

Anyway, I really feel for you. If you had the time to setup such an exhaustive web site, you probably had the time to update your skills and find suitable employment. If you want to compare technical expertise, let's go at it and see who comes out a winner in intellectual capacity and as a real asset for businesses in America.

Real winners are those who change a losing situation into a winning situation, not those who stereotype and vent in any direction suitable.

Cheers,  Your Sympathizer

The way to change this losing situation is to educate the American public about what H-1B is. That is what I hope to do with this site.

You are correct that my ancestors are immigrants. That doesn't mean I welcome immigrants that my own government brought here to break American labor.  
H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)What a great www site!!!

I am on Norm Matloff's mailing list and in The Industry Standard (correct name?) article that he recently sent, your site was mentioned. Very interesting and informative. I like your link to AEA and the guy in Dickson, Tenn. (Mr. Nadeau?)

Thanks again.
Tom Deane

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I have a suggestion that might help in this battle. Make up a form letter that people can use to send to their senators and congressmen opposing the increase of H-1B visas. You could also put the addresses/e-mail addresses of the senators and congressmen on your sight. It would make it very easy for people to voice their opinion to the right people. By the way I'm a Consultant programmer since 1984 and have been in the industry since 1963. During the past couple of years I'm finding that my contracts are not getting extended and there always seems to be someone with a H-1B visa sitting at a desk close by when I am leaving the job. I know for a fact that at least some of them are really getting screwed. One person I worked with came up from down south and was told he had to pay his own expenses excluding his room. He had a wife and 3 kids and also owned a house. He was afraid to say anything to the company he worked for as they would not process his papers so that he could get a green card.


Another individual will be posting an H-1B petition soon. It won't  be part of the " H-1B Hall of Shame" but I will of course link to it.  

Be sure to go to www.NumbersUSA.com to send free faxes to your representatives.
H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)You must really be happy that your "outlet of rage", your little website is receiving media attention. I just read an article in The Standard where they mention you and your site. If you have not already seen it, it is at: http://www.thestandard.com/article/display/0,1151,14508,00.html

Anyways, my purpose of writing this second email to you is that I feel you need a little help. And I a don't mean this in a sarcastic way. I am not an asshole and truly do understand your situation. I suggest a little book for you. I have read it myself. Its a national bestseller and will take only 45 minutes to read. Its available at Amazon.

Title: Who Moved My Cheese?
Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Cost: $ 10.00
ISBN: 0399144463

I hope your attitude changes a little towards immigrants. But do continue your good work in bringing to the public the unscrupulous activities of some of the body-shoppers. And good luck in your employment search.

Neel Shah

I'm too busy working on this web site to read. Thanks anyway. I have always emphasized that immigrants should not be castigated or hated. The U.S. government is responsible for our immigrant policies so opponents of H-1B should vent their anger at congress - not immigrants.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Impact of NAFTA Shouldn't be Ignored

On the main page to the H1B Hall of Shame web site, you say that NAFTA is used to ship job abroad while H1B is used to bring in foreign labor. NAFTA is also used to bring workers.

I have a cegep in pure and applied sciences and a bachelor's in computer science, while being an American, and learned well of this employment factor during my latter year or two in school.

The thing about these three year professional orientation cegep programs is that the students supposedly get more actual programming courses, whereas the university computer science programs provide more theory. There are many CEGEPs in Quebec, and a relatively fair number of universities with computer science programs in Canada. Although this country is relatively small in terms of population size, there's
definitely a certain danger for Americans, with NAFTA. Many immigrants who can't get in to the USA can often get in to Canada. Once here, they can study, if there's a need to, work, obtain permanent residence status or citizenship, and then apply for jobs in the USA through NAFTA.

Also, there are many American brokerage firms or recruiting agencies established in Canada and they're probably more focused on finding people to place in jobs in the USA; although, that's a guess and they probably also try to find Canadians for jobs in Canada.

And, there's no cap on the number of NAFTA visas (TN1, I believe) which can be used in the USA every year, from some reading I did a couple or few months ago. I don't recall the web site, but believe to remember that it was authoritative and possibly the INS in the USA.

Hence, although some might think that NAFTA doesn't represent a significant factor, there's definitely potential, especially over the longer term, as more people come to Canada, establish Canadian status, learn or get experience in the fields NAFTA provides easy access to American jobs for, etcetera.

Microsoft used to hire many Canadians for American jobs. The university of Waterloo, in Ontario, was aka Microsoft university, for many years. This is somewhat and perhaps considerably offset by the fact that some major Canadian firms have established themselves in the USA, to considerable proportions. For example, Northern Telecom has around 70,000 employees, but only 7,000 or so work in Canada. NT is, relative to the number of people it employs, highly established in the USA; therefore, the company creates jobs for Americans. There's also Bombardier, however I haven't an information like for NT. 

These factors may help to considerably offset the effects of NAFTA letting many people into the American job market, however many who go to the American job market from or via Canada also don't work for these Canadian companies in the USA.

I don't know of any statistics; therefore, I can say anything conclusive or definite. However, because your web site only mentions NAFTA with respect to shipping jobs abroad, I'd like to suggest that you include the fact that it also allows a cap-less number of foreigners to enter the American job market.

The H1B program is surely more destructive for American IT/IS workers, but until the facts are established regarding the real impact NAFTA represents, I think that it's important to not hastily discount this. After all, many foreigners come to Canada and there are consulting firms run by East Indians in Canada, which definitely work on trying to place foreigners in the American job market. I dealt with one such firm while
in Connecticut, for contract work in the USA, and this company specifically said in its web site that one of it's goals is to find jobs in the USA for East Indians (people from India). The web site also showed that by far most of the people working for and running this firm are East Indian.

I sent my resume in to them to see what kind of reply I'd get, if any, and I got one around six months later, from a recruiter working for the firm, but using some homail kind of email address. This individual didn't think that using such an email address presented a strange image from a professional point of view, and also didn't seem to be willing to consider providing fair market rates.

I don't think that we should hastily discount the impact NAFTA can have with respect to Americans seeking work in our country. Many young Canadians graduating from school, or with just a few years of experience, can definitely present a problem with respect to age discrimination; at least definite enough to be worth investigating, especially if the number of NAFTA visas to work in the USA is indeed cap-less.

Another point I think worthy of mention in this respect is that I learned last year that some American firms, training and consulting or recruiting firms, have been, for several, years, establishing computer training institutes in Mexico and Brazil, and possibly other South American countries, and some have been supposedly working on getting our government to expand NAFTA to include all of South America. This would create another major cheap labor source and could certainly be used to get away from the heat generated by all of the abusive use of the H1B program.

For a couple or few more years, companies will have access to many H1B visas, and when this drives the circumstances to nearly war, companies will be able to quickly (potentially quick anyway) buy the government into expanding NAFTA, to then hire the trained cheap labor from South American computer training institutes, which have been significantly created and established by American companies.

I can't speak authoritatively on these factors, however this is the information I'm aware of. If these factors are all real and or in the works, then Americans definitely need to start preparing themselves for conditions worse than what we're already facing.


- US citizen

- CEGEP in pure and applied sciences (math, physics, ...)

- Bachelor's in CS (swe orientation, and short one course for a minor in pure math, as well as a minor in business)

- Solid eight years of swe and sw development experience, for military systems and applications, banking, and avionics

- Unix, Linux, C, C++, gui, rdbms, shell scripting, ...

** haven't worked since August, 1998, albeit really only available since January 1999. In this time, I've received less than ten calls.

** basically bankrupt, returning car to bank because I couldn't continue the payments, and had to terminate the apartment lease, because I also couldn't pay the rent and other expenses.

** didn't have family kind of support in the usa and wasn't prepared to switch industries, because I haven't done anything wrong and have overall 14 years in the computer industry, including the schooling for a bachelor's degree; therefore, am now living with supportive family in Quebec, Canada, where they returned to after dad retired from his job with the state of Massachusetts (25years). This relocation was only to seek some support, because it became far too difficult to find work in our country with all of the problems caused by the very negligent h1b legislation, and I'm not a doctor, or teacher, or lawyer, or accountant, or electrician, or plumber, or construction worker, or ..., and if I didn't have funds to pay for an apartment, then I certainly also didn't have funds to schooling or training, such as to get a certification or two in the computer industry.

I've been self-studying Linux for several months to keep myself abreast of valid and market-demand skills, and will be looking for work in both countries. If I find work in Canada, then this will help to build some funds to return to the USA, because if I got a contract in the USA, now, then I'd need some payment in advance to pay for the relocation, like $2,000, or maybe a little less, to hold me over until the paychecks
started coming in.

If I had had support in the USA, then I would have remained there, but this unfortunately wasn't the case and I wasn't going to accept becoming a homeless, shelter less, statistic, just to make the abusers of the H1B program happy about really screwing an American with a more than fair background.

Anyway, I saw in your web site that NAFTA is slotted at about 4%, compared to H1B something like 45% or 49%, in one of your tables; however, because there's been a relatively significant influx of foreigners immigrating in or to Canada, I wonder what the longer term consequences of NAFTA may realistically be, especially with the cap-less quota of visas that can be used every year. With the conditions like the present ones in the USA, we certainly don't need more foreign workers.

Btw, I like your and Norm Matloff's comments regarding P. Donnelly's ideas regarding H1B vs. Green Card. I totally agree with your views and Donnelly, well, ug; definitely doesn't sound like a friend of American workers. They say "the devil is in the details"; therefore, that's where you've got to look for him or it, and I definitely don't like the
details, unstated and stated, in Donnelly's idea(s), some seeming to be unstated, which means that awareness or alertness is definitely essential and justified.

I also appreciate your web site.
Mike Corbeil

I have received severe criticism for mentioning NAFTA on the front page. Perhaps I wasn't that far out of bounds. I delayed printing this letter until I got information from experts on immigration visas that seem to confirm that NAFTA is being used to import workers in a similar fashion to H-1B. I will include more information on this issue if I can find some more facts.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes) Dear Immigration Reform Person,

Hello, My name is Doris Hill. I am the President of the Community of Love.

It is a black immigration organization group. I read your web-site and I agree with it. The H-1B so called program is the cause of the creation of the Community of Love. When I saw my U. S. Senator Diana Feinstein, U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer and other disgraceful U. S. Representatives voting in favor of this outrageous and insane idea of importing foreign labor to take American's Jobs. I felt the need to do something, anything than just continuing to watch and wait for the invasion to continue. In the beginning I would almost get into screaming matches with the likes of U.S. Congressional Representatives Maxine Waters, over the immigration laws and issues. I have talked and wrote all the following public officials asking them to demand that the immigration laws be enforced by the federal government; U.S. Congressman Julian Dixon, U. S. Congresswoman Juanita Mc Donald, U.S. Senators Feinstein and Boxer. I have asked the state officials stop supporting illegal immigration through state legislation's therefore I talk to state Senator Representative Kevin Murray. Also the Los Angeles Mayor, and the so called Sheriff who wants to arrest everyone except Hispanics, and etc... I have been asking them to demand the federal government to enforce all laws of immigration and Deport. I have called Feinstein's office begging her not to vote on H-1B bills as recent as 02-22-2000. I am working on informing and educating my community on the immigration laws that will affect them very much; by using flyers, speaking in public in front of stores, malls, hospitals, post offices, and in front of the Baptist Ministry Conference( over 400 ministers attend) on different immigration issues such as on the Recall Davis Campaign. I personally gathered over 3,000 signatures. If the Community of Love had the money, we would recall all of the local and state politicians; I would continually advertise the offensive immigration policies handed down by the government by way of the greedy CORPORATIONS..... I am a Black Female and I went to college for Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. I got to my senior year with just only four classes left. I quit and went home and had a baby boy named Phillip who I love, and I'm personally educating him through home schooling and he is now 13 years old in college.

I just wanted to say, hello. I am sorry for such a long hello letter. 


Some proponents of H-1B like to characterize us as racist xenophobes. Your  letter should put that argument to rest. H-1B affects all races and cultures. H-1B is an attack on the American worker.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Hi,
I have perused the shame site and, yes, there is a wealth of information there. as a former h1b worker myself (and from India), I was naturally drawn to this topic. yes again, in the back of my mind, I wondered if there indeed is a labor shortage in the high-tech industry. the site says h1b workers are paid less and subject to other abuses, but I would need more proof. the bottom line, I would love to be able to establish that, contrary to the slew of emails I have received from IT pr firms, that Indians are indeed paid less, if that indeed is true. it appears the uc-davis professor would be a good source.

yes, the reddy story is despicable, but I wonder if it is, as a couple have been quoted as saying, an anomaly. however, absolutely, more reporting is needed. you mentioned that you have lots of labor department stats and personal testimonials. for the article to work and for my editors in new York to be interested, I would have to document that the problem of being abused and underpaid affects more than just a handful of workers. that's why I am interested in the testimonials you mentioned. do give me your name and a telephone number I can reach you at next week and also the best times to call you. maybe you could email me the names and contact information for the people who gave you the testimonials. it will be held in the strictest confidence, I can assure you.

regards, raju

In the interest of privacy ShameH1B will not share data on the people who write letters to this site.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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10 Feb 2000 

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Hmmm, interesting site. Perhaps you may find my viewpoint unusual. I'm on a H-1B and I don't like the system either! Your comments about H-1B workers being tied to their companies due to the way the Green Card process works is very true. I call it the "Golden Manacles" situation. I'm well aware that many companies intentionally delay the Green card process, just to keep the H-1B employee "in chains" for the longest possible time.

You do seem to be suggesting that the majority of H-1B visas are issued to Indian workers. I must admit I have not gone through your entire site, nor can I quote specific statistics, but I was under the impression that the majority of H-1B visas are issued to European, especially British, individuals (like myself)

Also, I'm not sure I agree with the impression you give that H-1B holders are being paid less - and hence this motivates companies to replace US workers with cheap imports. All of the H-1B colleagues and friends I know are being paid at the same rate (if not more) than their US colleagues.

My final point is that the issue is unsatisfactory, both for the US and for foreign workers. However, I would like to make one strong point. Complaining that foreign workers are displacing US workers is not a long-term defense against immigrant workers being allowed to work in the USA. The argument in itself is right up there with Austria's new right-wing, neo-Nazis government factions that want to ban immigrant workers. In the new era of globalization, where global markets predominate, nation states _have_ to be prepared to allow a level of liquidity in their country's workforce. Think about this - you website probably uses technology/techniques that were, in-part, invented and developed by non-USA technology workers. If you removed all the immigrant workers from Silicon Valley, you would see a slow down in the pace of development. And please don't attempt to counter by saying "US workers could take their place." This may not be what US individuals want to hear, but in IT areas there are plenty of people who can spell "Java" or "HTML", however there is a distinct lack of individuals that actually know how to make these technologies work to produce a business solution.

I'd like to see both US and immigrant employees working together for a solution to the visa issue that would allow them to work together in harmony to generate more wealth/income that improves the general economic outlook for all Americans.


It is good to hear from an H-1B and this web site would like to encourage others to write in. I must correct you on some of your factual errors. If you had looked at the Demographics page you would have found that according to the Department of Labor, 42% of the H-1Bs are from India. The United Kingdom and Russia combined only comprise 4% of the total H-1Bs. You will also see that the average salary of H-1B engineers is lower than prevailing wages.

Your assertion that H-1Bs are paid prevailing wages is flat out wrong. U.S. companies lobbied for H-Bs specifically to lower wages and working conditions. They have no incentive to hire H-1Bs unless they can get cheaper indentured labor. If you had looked at the  Quotes page you would have seen that Charles C. Masten, Inspector General, said that 19  percent were being paid below the prevailing wages specially required by the program. Furthermore if you had taken the trouble to go to the Bodyshoppers database you would see the pathetic salaries being offered to H-1Bs.

Your charge that US citizens opposed to H-1B are racists or fascists is downright ridiculous and doesn't even pass the common sense test. There are too many American born Asians, Hispanics, Afro-Americans, and Indians opposed to H-1B to pass your racist test. Playing the racist card against the "H-1B Hall of Shame" or to anybody opposed to H-1B is repugnant. This will be the last letter this site will post that accuses H-1B opponents of being racist or fascist. 

You mentioned that US and immigrant employees should work together to improve working conditions is the first time I have ever seen this suggested. I think this idea should be pondered.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)"I would beg to differ with Dr. Norm Matloff's summary that companies fear that US workers with computer science backgrounds will or do abandon their employer for another stealing trade secrets as they go and hence another justification for employers to hire H-1Bs. I believe that the facts would bear out the US worker is in fact a loyal employee who would stay with a company that provided CAREER positions for their technical employees rather than mere jobs. Jobs can disappear when managers are changed, departments are merged, company take-overs destroy jobs, jobs are exported oversees, or imported workers are in brought which threatens the current work force . Careers would mean that the company's) expect to retain their staff members through good times and bad. IF American employers would practice employer-employee loyalty it would be repaid a thousand fold with mutual loyalty, hard work, and dedication from the American worker.

I was stunned to see Dr. Matloff suggest (or believes that companies have this negative view of American citizens) that an American worker would steal company trade secrets with changes of employers. In fact, I have heard of numerous stories in which employers who have such unethical characters as to try to pump such information out in an interview without hiring the applicant. The applicant returns from the interview disgusted to think that the "new" company would be so unethical as try to "steal" the ideas of his current employer.

The bottom line is that companies simply want cheap labor that they can dispose of without having to pay unemployment benefits, pensions,   and no long-term relations, etc. If companies truly were concerned about the loss of trade secrets they would 1) pay American workers living wages which reflect their professional training and experience; 2) they would be committed to career programs for these "valued human resources" rather than having mere jobs; 3) refrain from massive job downsizings/rightsizings etc. and keep their technical staffs employed; and 4) spend less energy on getting the H-1B program increased and more time with their technical professionals making certain that they have the computer tools etc. necessary to do their jobs. US workers by-in-large move from one employer to another not by choice but because the employers have "separated them from their jobs" via the H-1B programs, downsizings, inept management styles, etc. etc. Don't blame the US workers for needing to find another employer. And PLEASE don't even suggest that US workers are dishonest and/or unethical who would steal secrets from past or/or current employers! Any such fears of managers must come from their own personal weak characters in which they can only assume others are as spineless as themselves."

You are referring to the Quotes of Dr. Norman Matloff.   ShameH1B asked Norman Matloff to expand on what he said. Here is his answer.

In my comments which provoked the letter writer's response, my main point was that employers like H-1Bs because they can't suddenly leave the employer in the lurch by jumping to another company. It is a major disruption when someone leaves a project.

That was the primary point.  My secondary point was that employers believe, rightly or wrongly, that some "technology transfer" often does occur when a worker leaves his current employer and joins a competitor. Sometimes that "technology transfer" is unconscious (even if one does not steal code, clearly one has a natural tendency to write very similar code at one's new position). In some cases, employers believe that more blatant "transfer" has occurred, as in the dispute (still pending, I believe) between Cadence and Avant.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Your h1b site is an OUTSTANDING effort!

Make sure you publicize it far and wide, and things WILL change!


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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I work at Intel in Santa Clara. Of course your numbers are old, but I swear the number of H1-B's here has got to be at least three times the 144 you quote from the report. If you count the number of workers at Intel with a green card, who first came as an H1-B, then the number has to be at least 1500 or more. I don't have anything against them personally, as I'm sure you don't either, its just a numbers game, and frankly, as a native of Silicon Valley, its just too crowded here! Regards, 

Steve Y

The "Top H-1B Employers" list you are looking at only covers a six month period.  Since INTEL hires H-1Bs year round, this table doesn't represent the total H-1Bs they hire. H-1B regulations require all companies to post a list of H-1Bs at that location. This post is supposed to be in a public location that is accessible to all employees. Unfortunately this law is never enforced so most companies don't post a list or they put it in a place where nobody is likely to see it. See the FAQs page for more information about these tables.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I'm a 28-year-old web developer / PERL programmer / PC & Windows guru / hacker who's been following the H-1B deal through information from Norm Matloff and various other sources for almost two years now. Too many people in the programming field seem to be quite arrogant and not the least bit worried about such scams as the H-1B visa program.

Hope you don't mind me adding a link to your site from my personal homepage. While the main theme of my page has nothing to do with H-1B, I figured it certainly can't hurt to educate more people on the drawbacks of H-1B.

You may have seen some of my letters to the editors in various newspapers over the last several months. If you missed 'em, let me know and I'll send you the URLs.

[H-1B Hall of Shame] welcomes all links to this site, and that includes H-1B advocacy groups.

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Got around to viewing the web site this evening. Looks great! I *do* have something you might want to correct or clarify though. You put Ted Kennedy in the good guy camp. Actually HE was one of the primary sponsors of the ORIGINAL H-1b program when it passed in October 1990. He had been aggressively working FOR the explosion in the number of immigrants to the USA. In fact, at the time it was crudely known as the"Irish Wetback Bill" because it has a very special provision for illegal Irish immigrants (60,000) of the to get citizen in the Boston area....Teddy's "home grounds". Teddy sure ain't seriously on our side at all.

Apparently Kennedy has changed his stance. Check out his Floor Statement On High Tech Immigration. I'm not sure I can call him an enemy because lately he is at least saying the right things. He should be given credit for voting against the obscene 115,000 increase. Maybe I should have a "Forked Tongue" category for Kennedy.
[H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)I congratulate you for setting up the H-1B Web Page. I can understand your anger at the H-1B visa program I have been displaced by H-1B workers on two occasions. I will send you my "horror story" soon. If you don't mind, here are my suggestions: - the language you have used is very emotional  I feel as angry as you do but to gain credibility one needs to "tone down" the verbiage. Please don't get me wrong. I am LIVID about this H-1B program. I am going to name "names"and then am going to let the I.T community know about these H-1B abuses but the whole key to getting support in the I.T. community and the media is to present the info. in a format that is less emotional - Many H-1B workers will want to have their say but the anti-H-1B sentiments expressed in the WebPages might intimidate    them. Please note there are many H-1B folks that have horror stories to tell and without their input we cannot expect to clean up H-1B. Thanks for taking the trouble to put up this website. It is long overdue!

I would like to post your story on my web site. I too, was replaced by an H-1B and I'm damn mad about  it.  Opinion is divided on my choice of language and graphics.  Mostly I get favorable remarks. I am not trying to be academic on this site. There are some very good web sites on my Links page where you can get the staid Ph.D. look.  I'm a BSEE grunt worker. I will leave the academic tone of their sites to make a site that appeals to Union Jacks as well as somebody that wants to do some serious research. I want this site to appear like an underground hacker site. Apparently I succeeded with that.  [H-1B Hall of Shame]

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Great website on the issue of the H-1b workers. Glad to see another entry into the fray. I'll be adding a link to your site on the American Engineering Association website. www.aea.org 

Thanks for taking the time to put the site together and having the interest to become involved.

Bill Reed

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)Waaaaaaaaay excellent - thanks! When I do my H1-b section I'll link to you -- feel free to link to me at http://www.buchanan.org !
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18 Nov 1999

Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes) a lot of h1bs earn more than 80k per year stop this madness....spend your time on something useful...

[H-1B Hall of Shame] regrets that you don't consider this site useful.

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Flashing Police Lights2.gif (602 bytes)And who are you, exactly?

I would like to think I am a major thorn in the side of all companies and politicians that support H-1B.   [H-1B Hall of Shame]