Petition to Abolish the H-1B Visa Program

The Petition

The Need for Hardcopy
The Petition is not a glorified Internet opinion poll. It is a real petition for redress of grievances, ard it requires real, legally recognized signatures. For this reason, the Petition must be done in hardcopy. The trouble of printing out the Petition and signing it will show Congress that you care about the issue, and, remember, the job you save may be your own.

Printout Center for the Petition
Click and Print from your browser. All documents require an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

THE PETITION ITSELF on letter-sized paper
Print out several copies (or photocopy one print-out), and either sign yourself alone or sign and gather signatures from others.

THE PETITION ITSELF, on legal-sized paper
Contains room for more signatures on each page.

Request to have your name printed on this site
If you would like your name printed on the "Signatories" section of this site, print and fill out this form.

Instructions for circulating the Petition
If you wish not only to sign yourself but also to gather signatures from others, this page will help you be a successful Petition circulator.

A poster of the Petition text, on letter-sized paper
If you are circulating the Petition, the Poster helps alert people in your area about the Petition's presence. The Poster can also be used advertise the Petition in general.