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H-1B Research

 Use this library to do serious research on H-1B issues. 

This online library contains material directly related to H-1B issues. All pages are archived onsite so you will not link to another web. New material will be added to this library on a regular basis.

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Letters by Our Elected Officials on H-1B

  • A Letter To Clinton. Clinton's administration didn't even care that the writer opposed H-1B, they sent the letter writer a form letter that thanked "you" for supporting the Clinton increase in the H-1B quota.

  • John McCain's Letters on Why He is Proud to Co-Sponsor H-1B  - McCain sells himself as a patriotic Vietnam war vetern and POW. While he hides behind the flag he is also proud that he betrayed American Labor. Read his callous response from an unemployed American. In a recent letter McCain explains why he thinks raising the H-1B quota was a good idea. 

  • J.D. Hayworth, Arizona congressman and ex TV sportscaster, thinks H-1Bs are good because they pay taxes. See his stupid response to a letter from an American engineer that also pays taxes.

  • Peter Fitzgerald, Illinois senator, thinks H-1B should be increased because there are so many requests for visas.

  • John Porter, Illinois congressman, thinks increasing H-1B limits is a good idea.

  • Heather Wilson, New Mexico congresswoman, thinks that importing H-1B medical personnel fills the need.

  • Bob Stump - Bob Stump, republican congressman from Arizona, puts principle above big money in these two letters. He describes the fraudulent nature of H-1B and explains why an increase in the quota is a bad idea.

  • Larry Craig - republican Senator from Idaho, justifies immigrant farm labor with arguments that sound suspiciously like the shortage shouting to justify H-1B for white collar professionals

H-1B News Articles

This archive contains newspaper articles that are of major importance to the H-1B debate.

H-1B Archived Collections

Collections of various documents pertinent to H-1B

Dr. Matloff Newsletters
Dr. Norman Matloff is a professor of computer science at the University of California at Davis, and was formerly a professor of statistics at that university. His rebuttal to claims of a software labor shortage titled "Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage" is the best study on this subject. Professor Matloff sends a regular e-mail newsletter on subjects important to computer professionals such as age discrimination and how it relates to H-1B. This library contains archives of some of his writings that specifically touch on H-1B issues.

In order to subscribe to his newsletter send him an e-mail request at


BrainSavers Newsletters
BrainSavers is another e-mail newsletter that is published by Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. Since earning his doctorate, his position has been eliminated at eight different employers. As he approached age 40, he was informed by prospective employers that he was "overqualified," which he has learned is thinly - disguised age discrimination. Since 1980, he has been active in the area of science and public policy. He has testified before congress on the problems created by the H-1B program.

In order to subscribe to his newsletter send him an e-mail request at .

Our government tells us that H-1Bs are to be used to fill technical positions. Lakireddy Bali Reddy, the 62-year-old Berkeley pimp put a whole new dimension on the definition of "technical" by including underaged Indian sex workers. These lolitas have certain skills, ahem, that are very, extremely technical in nature. Or perhaps it is because they work technical workers?

The following page is in very poor taste and  contains adult material that will offend almost everybody. If you choose to enter this page the H-1B Hall of Shame accepts no responsibility.