LCA Database Statistics

These statistics were obtained from the H-1B Visa Database. The distribution of Immigrant Visas in each state was decided by sampling each of the 10 national regions. Samples were taken from each region by putting the Case Number in ascending order. The number of records from each region was decided by ShameH1B and does not necessarily represent the true distribution of the entire nation.


Note: There may be many records that have the same LCA case number.
Total Database Entries
Total Records in Database

Total Job Titles Categorized



LCA Distribution of H-1B Database

Dept of Labor Region


Total LCAs

2 New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

50,000 H-1B

3 Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia

30,000 H-1B

4 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North  Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee 30,002 H-1B

5,000 PERM (green card)

5 Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and  Wisconsin 14,351 H-1B

2,921 PERM (green card)

6 Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas 30,000 H-1B
7 Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska 14,665 H-1B

2,249 PERM (green card)

8 Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming 26,407 H-1B
9 Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, and Nevada 100,001 H-1B

20,000 PERM (green card)

740 TEMP (H-2A)

10 Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington 14,268 H-1b
Note: There are many states and regions that overlap so there are many more states in the database than what is listed here. 


Job Categories

This is a list of the 157 job categories used for the category search. There are many more LCAs to be categorized. This will be an ongoing effort.

Job Title Total Categorized
Agricultural Worker 195
Arts and Media, artist 183
Arts and Media, designer 1836
Arts and Media, editor 365
Arts and Media, language translator 485
Arts and Media, miscellaneous 139
Arts and Media, miscellaneous 30
Arts and Media, musician 36
Arts and Media, news analysts and reporters 162
Arts and Media, public relations 189
Arts and Media, writer 585
Business, accountants and auditors 7497
Business, budget analyst 65
Business, business analyst 878
Business, buyers planners specialists 428
Business, claims and appraisers 9
Business, credit analyst 188
Business, financial analyst 367
Business, human resources 204
Business, management analysts 775
Business, miscellaneous 13
Business, tax analyst 6
Computer, database admin 1328
Computer, information scientist 14
Computer, miscellaneous 226
Computer, programmer/analyst 31874
Computer, programmers 10149
Computer, Scientist 425
Computer, software engineer 24162
Computer, support 59
Computer, systems admin 1293
Computer, systems analyst 12093
Construction, all others 26
Construction, bricklayers and masons 169
Construction, carpenter 159
Construction, carpet floor and tile 47
Construction, electrician 39
Education, elementary teacher 493
Education, librarian curator archivist 76
Education, post doc and fellowships 2102
Education, post grad researcher 4204
Education, post secondary faculty 3111
Education, pre-school and kindergarten 208
Education, school teacher 46
Education, secondary teacher 241
Education, special education 99
Education, teachers and instructors 2250
Engineering, aerospace 54
Engineering, agricultural 25
Engineering, all others 6586
Engineering, architect 1291
Engineering, chemical 233
Engineering, civil 1019
Engineering, computer 185
Engineering, drafting 202
Engineering, electrical 2138
Engineering, electronic 1045
Engineering, industrial 580
Engineering, manufacturing 390
Engineering, mechanical 1237
Engineering, product 366
Engineering, quality assurance and reliability 484
Engineering, systems 953
Engineering, technical staff 275
Engineering, technicians 113
Engineering, test 1123
Food Preparation, baker 255
Food Preparation, chef and cook 3648
Food processing, butchers and meat processors 71
Healthcare, accupunture 61
Healthcare, all others 74
Healthcare, anesthesiologist 33
Healthcare, chiropractor 263
Healthcare, dentist 435
Healthcare, family and general doctor 2651
Healthcare, internist 269
Healthcare, nurse 509
Healthcare, obstetrician and gynecologist 3
Healthcare, optometrist 58
Healthcare, pediatricians 178
Healthcare, pharmacist 635
Healthcare, physician all other 417
Healthcare, physician and surgeon 13
Healthcare, psychiatrist 124
Healthcare, surgeon 46
Healthcare, technologist and technician 842
Healthcare, therapist occupational 2718
Healthcare, therapist physical 2977
Healthcare, therapists all others 759
Healthcare, vetinarian 54
Legal, lawyer 601
Legal, support worker 194
Management, administrator 1043
Management, agricultural 2
Management, all others 3103
Management, Chief 914
Management, computer and CIS 2
Management, construction 37
Management, engineering and technical 348
Management, executive 330
Management, Executive CEO CFO COO 914
Management, financial 316
Management, food service 278
Management, hotel and hospitality 241
Management, human resources 37
Management, industrial production 396
Management, lodging 241
Management, market and sales 1607
Management, medical 45
Management, purchasing 233
Office, clerk 797
Office, customer service 271
Office, financial clerk 41
Office, miscellaneous 41
Office, secretary 797
Production, all others 244
Production, metal plastic machinists 64
Production, Tailor and Sewers 429
Production, woodworking 72
Protective Service 1
Repair and Maintenance, mechanic 745
Sales, engineers 352
Sales, fashion models 861
Science, actuary 63
Science, agricultural and food 37
Science, all others 553
Science, biologist 186
Science, chemist and material 742
Science, economist 344
Science, geologist and environmental 71
Science, market and survey analysts 4682
Science, mathematician 16
Science, medical 62
Science, physicist 177
Science, psychologist 14
Science, Research 671
Science, statistician 110
Science, technician 1094
Service, all others 422
Service, child care 127
Service, personal care 63
Social Service, counselor 88
Social Service, religious and clergy 53
Social Service, social worker 151
Transportation, air 123
Transportation, miscellaneous 61
Unable to Determine 4618
Undetermined 137294
UZ Grand Total of Records 310346



A Executive
B Physician
C Management
D Computer/IT
E Engineering
F Sales
G Unclassified
H Business
I Science
J Technicians
K Healthcare
L Education
M Arts&Media 
N Others
O Office Support
P Social Worker


Average H-1B Salaries


Average Salary




Healthcare, Physician


































Healthcare, non MD








Arts and Media








Office Support




Social Worker




Overall Average Salary




Employers are required to state the prevailing wage on the LCA to justify the pay of the H-1B. Employers can choose any method they want to determine prevailing wage if they choose "Other Standard".